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Burnden’s Off-Road Championship saw a torrent of 49 runners traversing the fells for the mid-week Coronation Trail race. Although a bit of a midge-feast (when standing still), the race is a great challenge for runners as they navigate 6 miles of the lesser known Rivington paths around the source and route of the River Yarrow.

A special highlight of the evening was many of the runners waiting to cheer the final two, Gillian and Jen, home to rapturous applause, which was overwhelming and epitomises the welcoming family atmosphere of Burnden.   

Over to the results and first home, and the only Burnden sub-40, was whippet-quick Mark Whittington in 39:43 – claiming 1st V50 and 10th overall position. First lady was lightning-fast Lyndsay Darbyshire in 50:24 – taking 1st FV55. Gwen Kinloch was 1st FV60 in 51:06 and winning his Vet Category of V65 was Marcus Hamer in 49:21. Crowned 1st V70 in 55:02 was Paul Christie who recently celebrated his milestone birthday so it was his first win of the brand new category. Phil Glassbrook took home a 2nd V75 for his time of 1:03:44 and claiming 3rd Vets were Suleman Badat – 3rd V45 in 42:19 and Mark Cannon – 3rd V60 in 50:55. Linda Doherty took 3rd FV50 in 53:34 and Kathryn Baron was 3rd FV55 in 55:54. 3rd V60 went to Marie Parkinson who crossed in 52:18.

Paul Duke – 42:24, Gareth Doherty – 43:13, Michael Kermode – 45:16, Ian Pudge – 45:30, Andrew Crawford – 47:52, Dean Covill – 50:04, Adrian Ashburn – 50:06, David Smith – 51:56, Martin Cullen – 51:59, Colm O’Brien – 52:37, Vicki Hamer – 52:42, Ivan Brown – 53:20, Mark Butler – 53:48, Gayle Gerrard – 55:31, Ryan Moore – 56:56, Ged Turner – 56:57, Andy Warburton – 57:18, Emma Walker – 1:00:31, Bernie Jones – 1:00:43, Rich Burnett – 1:00:50, Louise Righini – 1:01:36, Steve Holt – 1:01:43, Carolyn Edwards – 1:02:30, Katie Walsh – 1:02:32, Chris Greenall – 1:03:08, Steven Bate – 1:04:13, Nicola Halsall – 1:04:44, Kathryn Berry – 1:05:32, Jocelyn Chadderton – 1:06:50, Gillian Morris – 1:07:27, Jennifer Entwistle – 1:10:26 (PB), Julie Morrison – 1:10:52, David Morrison – 1:10:53, Anthony Fulop – 1:16:16 (PB), Shirley Robinson – 1:17:19, Cheryl Dunleavy – 1:27:30, Jennifer Forkin – 1:31:10, Gillian McGowan – 1:31:11.


Looking for an opportunity for a run with a bit of fun, a large contingent of members were off up the road to Radcliffe for the annual Terry Nortley 1-mile Relays in Close Park. A fun day out for all, Radcliffe AC provided food stalls, expert organisation, a tough but runnable course and even decent weather. Split into teams, the Relays were a great opportunity for a bit of healthy competition within the club as four runners from each brilliantly named team took on a mile.

First home were the Winnards and Losers team – full of winners in this case! Martin Cullen, Rick Winnard, Katherine Baines and Tom Stratton were mile-done in a winning 1:03:01. Next up were the  Burnden Marvels – Vicki Hamer, Andrew Crawford, Nicola Halsall and Ravi Patel - home in a marvellous and magnificent 1:03:38. The Newlyweds – Joanna and Martin Fielding with Linda and Gareth Doherty – were up the aisle and off through the finish line in a honeymooning 1:07:04. Like a bolt of lightning, The Burnden Bolts – Phil Glassbrook, Louise Righini, Natasha Clarke and Martin Whitehead - were zapped across the finish line in an electrifying 1:14:03. The Burnden Belters, Julie and Steve Riddle, Jen Forkin and Gillian McGowan snapped home in a buckling 1:28:46. The Burnden Buzzy Bees, consisting of Sarah Brown, Michelle Livesey, Ian Mann and Cheryl Dunleavy buzzed through the 4 miles in a fluttering 1:36:06.


Over a weekend of baking hot conditions, 7 Burndeners ticked off the second race of the Chester Triple Challenge, Carolyn Edwards was on the Bronte Trail in aid of Sue Ryder and Maggie Slamin was loving the Lakes as she conquered the Adidas Terrex Trail and a parkrun in Keswick.

Odds were looking good for the Chester hopefuls as they were started off from the historic racecourse and it was Martin Archer who was first to finish for a nosebag of goodies. Archer snagged a PB in 1:54:13. Trotting after were Simon, who cycled to the venue, - 2:37:18, Jason– 2:44:31, Jennifer E – 2:46:41, Shirley – 3:08:15, Jen F – 3:26:25 and Gillian – 3:26:27.

In the heart of Bronte country between her home village of Haworth and Hebden Bridge, Carolyn Edwards completed 13.1 miles of the Sue Ryder Bronte Off-Road Challenge. A new trail race, the Half takes advantage of the well-established route of the Bronte Mountain Bike event. Carolyn finished in 3:06:17.

Maggie Slamin was in the thick of the Keswick Mountain Festival and finished the 6.7 miles Adidas Terrex Trail Race in 1:19:49. Held over 3 days, the festival takes place offers a myriad of activities aside from running – including axe-throwing, caving and canoeing. Maggie also slipped a parkrun into the weekend away – finishing Keswick in 29:54.

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