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Each Monday evening, qualified Run Leaders lead a ‘Muster Run’, which is a great way to ensure runners of all abilities are supported and encouraged to run together. Along a set route, ‘muster points’ are set for runners to regroup. Faster runners who reach the point first run back to the tail runners and loop around -  providing opportunities to clock up extra miles over the evening and to link in with other runners. Muster points are also used to ‘catch your breath’ if needed and help to keep everybody together and safe. This week’s Muster Run, led by Andy N, Jen F, Gillian M, Shirley R and Michael K took Burndeners up to the Dunscar War Memorial from Smithills – an average route of 10K. Next week we’ll be meeting at Smithills Sports Centre before running to High Rid Reservoir via Moss Bank Way and Boot Lane.

The Muster Run is 7pm until 8pm and includes a cool-down back at the starting point. There is a fee of £1 to join the session – payable on the night. For more information, please visit

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