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Meet the Run leaders and Coaches

The coaches/run leaders at Burnden aim to support you in your running by offering a variety of sessions each week that will meet your needs, whether you are…

• training for a specific race in the club championship

• seeking a less intensive session, as you recover from a race the day before 

• seeking a specific type of session, e.g. hill training or interval training 

• new to running 

• wanting to build up to a certain distance/achieve a certain pace per mile 

• returning to running after an injury 


The coaches/run leaders at Burnden hold a combination of UK Athletics (UKA) accredited qualifications at Level 1 and Level 2, in Leadership in Running and Fitness, Coach in Running and Fitness Some coaches also hold qualifications in FRA Level 1 Fell Leadership in Running and Fitness. 

Our run leaders

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