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15 Burndeners, with a Spring in their steps and SIS gels in their waistbands, took on the epic challenge of the Adidas Manchester Marathon this weekend. Following Coach Marcus Chester’s weekly training sessions, multiple members were up and running and ready to hit the waves- some for the first time and one in their very first race for the Club.

Always a day out for the Club members with a special Burnden Road Runners supporter station at Mile 11 and 22, jelly babies, crisps and fruit pastilles were on hand for the Fantastic Fifteen as they pounded their way past.

The mostly flat course, with some sneaky slopes slipped in, takes runners from its Athletes Village at Old Trafford Cricket Ground through Trafford, to the City Centre then on to Stretford, Altrincham and Sale. It is famed for its support with crowds of all ages lining the streets to offer runners cheers of encouragement, motivational messages and more.

The Formidable Force of Fifteen were led home by Andrew Norman – making his debut for Burnden Road Runners with an outstanding performance – home in 3:23:21. Ravi Patel followed in a superb 3:24:36. Michael Kermode, in his marathon debut, was just minutes later in a fabulous 3:30:16. Then came Martin Fielding – just weeks after his wedding to wife, fellow runner Joanna, achieving a sub 4 in 3:41:49. Ladies’ Captain, Linda Doherty, was first Burnden lady in 4:00:01. Martin Whitehead was over the line in 4:07:45 and Dean Covill crossed in 4:29:01. Nicola Halsall and Sandra Caine finished together in identical times of 4:48:12 and Jenni Partington was home in 4:49:3. Paul Willan crossed the line with his friend, Peter, in 4:51:00 and Josh Palmer cracked a sub-5 in 4:58:39. Simon Entwistle, in his first marathon, finished in 5:30:40, Newly wed to Martin, Joanna Fielding, in her first marathon, was next home in 5:35:37 and Jennifer Entwistle, also in her first marathon, reunited the group in 6:05:20.


Leaving Manchester’s cold far behind her, seasoned Marathoner, Tess Riley, was off to run a slightly more scenic route for her 2024 challenge – the X Bionic Lake Garda 42. Starting from the lakeshore at Limone, runners travel to Riva del Garda and on through numerous orchards to Arco and then onto Malcescine, amid stunning views of the lake, sea and mountains.

Describing the experience as a ‘wow moment that lasted over 5 hours’, Tess further recounts her race below.

“This was the most amazing thing I have ever done....and I have done some amazing things since I retired. The scenery was spectacular…this is what all those long training runs lead to... challenging and pushing my body and mind, and doing something I wouldn't have believed I could do only 6 years ago. My 9th marathon and already looking forward to my 10th in Palma, Majorca in October. A bit of rest before then!”

Tess finished the beautiful race in 5:15:52.


Mark Jackson is no stranger to marathons and has run a fair few 26.2s in superb times. But this one might have the strangest title of them all!

‘I’ll Sithee at Slawit Sweetathon Slog’ is organised by Grim Up North – well known for holding interesting races – many along canals.

This mega-race began at Slaithwaite Community Centre and led runners along a scenic out and back course along the Huddersfield narrow gauge Canal.

Mark finished the course in a sweet 4:40:51


While the majority of the Club members were cheering on the Manchester Marathoners, one sole runner was over in Burnley for the Brun Valley Trail 10K.

This beautiful trail race was a Club Race in 2023 but Tony alone flew the flag and enjoyed this idyllic setting as the paths switched from parkland to road to woodland and back again. Starting and finishing at Thompson Park, the route winds through Netherwood, taking in Rowley Lake and the picturesque Brun Valley Forest Park.

Tony was home in 1:17:46.


Cycling and Triathlons are making a strong comeback as Spring approaches and this week it was the Ram Sportive Cycling Event.

Kathryn Berry and Gillian McGowan completed 40 miles of the epic course, which includes 2000 feet of climb. Andrew Berry completed the full course of 80 miles with an awesome 6000 feet of climb. The route takes cyclists from Lancaster, following the River Lune, to the village of Wray and onwards and inland towards the Yorkshire Dales.

Gillian described the ride as having ‘stunning scenery but the winds were ferocious’.


Alexandra Park, Moss Side – Attendance 592 – Mark Jackson – 21:58, Adrian Ashburn – 22:09

Bolton – Attendance 253 – Katherine Baines – 3rd lady – 25:07

Lyall Mew – 20:27 (4th position), Ian Pudge – 22:13, Stephen Horsman – 23:08, Marcus Hamer – 24:07, Tom Stratton – 25:08, Martin Archer – 26:32, Steven Walsh – 26:33, Rick Winnard – 28:27, Marcus Chester – 28:33, Kathryn Berry – 29:16, Paul Johnson – 30:57, Philip Glassbrook – 31:08, Luke Newell – 32:10, Don Taylor – 32:21, Sarah Jane Wells – 34:57, Ravi Patel – 36:01, David Allen – 37:10, Ian Mann – 38:50, Gillian McGowan – 41:09, Andrew Parkinson – 51:02, Jocelyn Chadderton – 51:23

Bowling Park – Attendance 65 – Simon Marland – 25:55, Sue Marland – 36:44

Concord, Sheffield – Attendance 134 – Anne Ferguson – 24:19

Haigh Woodland – Attendance 213 – Andy Dunleavy – 21:11, Cheryl Dunleavy – 40:01

Heaton Park - Attendance 817 - Gayle Gerrard – 25:26, Chris Greenall – 26:00, Steven Bate – 27:45, Sarah Brown – 29:51, Michelle Livesey – 39:21, Carol Richardson – 58:25.

Hackney Marshes – Attendance 428 – Suleman Badat – 18:34 (7th position)

Zuiderpark, Den Haag – Attendance 187 – Nia Bell – 28:40

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