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If your goal is being more active our Tuesday 10-11am track session may just be what you are looking for. We are based at the Bolton Arena (Middlebrook). This community session is free and suitable for all fitness levels. Participants tell us that track sessions take all the worries away from street running and that they are incredibly safe, social and welcoming.

Our weekly Tuesday 10am sessions last 1 hour We get everyone loosened up with a good warm up moving around the track. In a warmup there are opportunities for practising good technique, stretching and muscle strengthening and some exercises for the heart and lungs. For the next 20-30mins we then focus on building fitness/endurance. We sometimes run for a set amount of time or at different speeds with rests between. A time spent at the end includes stretching and relaxing as a group.

The community track sessions are a firm community and club runner favourite. Track sessions are perfect if you just want to dip your toes into exercise, get back to fitness or perhaps you are getting ready for that 5k, 10k or more….

Come and join us when you can. All you need is a pair of trainers and comfortable clothes. We thrive on being a friendly, welcoming and inclusive group. We get together for refreshments in the Arena Cafe after the session. Maybe you would just like to come along and find out more? If so please do - you will see lots of us in the Arena cafe area from 11am.

Chair and Coach, Andy Dunleavy.

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