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Member in the Spotlight - Kath Berry

Welcome to the our next feature on our members, this time we hear from Kath Berry, one of our very first member of Burnden Road Runners.

How long have you been a member of Burnden Road Runners?

40 years

When and why did you first start running?

I ran when I was at Smithills school in 1975 in the cross country and track. When I left at age 18 I wanted to carry on sports and running. I saw an advert in the Bolton Evening News to join Wanderers Lifeline runners on Monday nights so went to Burnden Park, only 5 ladies then!!!!!!

Proudest running achievement to date?

I completed 11 marathons in the 80s, my 1st Bolton one sticks in my mind finishing up Plodder Lane, age 21, but it's not all about marathons, I am happy to be still running at my age, and soaking up the amazing achievements and atmosphere of every Burnden Road Runners member and supporters.

Favourite race and why?

Bolton Park run remains my favourite run, obviously not a race, but I love Saturday mornings and seeing people conquer their own challenges, whether it's walking the course after a hip replacement or getting under that magical 30 mins

Have you set any short or long term goals?

I have come and gone in the club over the years and achieved many goals, so I was inspired to achieve the club championship last year by Gillian McGowan, short term to complete the off road this year, long term to keep running injury free as long as I can.

What do you find most challenging?

Getting up and putting my running shoes on, but once you are out the door it is always worth it, I always feel better especially running in the races and with Burnden Road Runners

Best tip or advice for others?

Be happy with your running, it is your own personal experience, if your body is too tired don't run, or you are under the weather. Get out there in the rain etc, you soon warm up, run with other people it flys by when you are chatting, marshal some races, you see the other side

Anything else you would like to share?

Burnden Roadrunners has evolved so much over the years, I have seen many changes and I am so proud to still be a member. Everyone is so happy and motivated and there are many members who put so much of their time into keeping the club moving forward. Here's to many more years to come, x

If you would like to be selected to be our member in the spotlight please complete the questionnaire here

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1 Comment

Well done Kath, great to hear your story.

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