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On to the 5th race in the Club Championship and it was a beautiful Wednesday evening that greeted an outstanding turnout of 73 Burndeners at Haigh Hall. Wigan Phoenix’s contribution to the Central Lancashire Grand Prix League – the Haigh Hall 4 Miler – is set around the grounds and outskirt roads and offers fantastic support from the Marshalls as well as a challenge for the legs.

First home was Suleman Badat – his 4 miles finished in just 24:42, which awarded him 3rd MV45.

Second and third home were Paul Duke in 25:18 and Lee White in 25:41.

First lady for Burnden was Sarah Watton in 27:14 – a time that saw her crowned 1st FV35.

More Top Vets were incoming as Mark Cannon took 1st MV60 in 27:38 and Marcus Hamer 1st MV65 in 29:30. Lyndsay Darbyshire was 2nd Burnden lady and 1st FV55 in 29:40 and Gwen Kinloch took 1st FV60 in 29:55. Anne Ferguson was crowned 1st FV65 in 31:18. Philip Glassbrook claimed 1st MV75 in 40:41.

2nd Vets were Ed Ashton -  2nd MV60 in 28:37, Simon Marland – 2nd MV65 in 30:21, Shirley Staveley – 2nd FV60 – 30:24, Kathryn Baron – 2nd FV55 – 33:49,

3rd Vets were Vicki Hamer – 3rd FV35 in 31:24 and Paul Christie – 3rd MV70 in 34:05.

Other results – Michael Kermode – 26:19, Ian Pudge – 26:41, Martin Fielding – 27:07, Andrew Norman – 27:20, Martin Whitehead – 27:34, Andrew Crawford – 27:42, Martin Archer – 28:33, Mike Caine – 28:47, Adrian Ashburn – 28:53, Phil Fryer -29:02, Marcus Chester – 29:27, David Smith – 29:44, John Simms – 29:48, Martin Cullen – 29:58, Francesca Caine – 30:17, Emma Beasley -30:48, Colm O’Brien – 31:11, Ivan Brown – 31:43, Marie Parkinson – 31:57, Linda Doherty – 32:04, Gareth Doherty – 32:11, Mark Butler – 33:00, Gayle Gerrard – 33:02, Steven Walsh – 33:37, Bernie Jones – 33:58, Katie Walsh – 34:22, Andy Warburton – 34:32, Steven Bate – 34:40, Richard Burnett – 35:02, Phil Holden – 35:08, Chris Greenall – 35:12, Jenni Partington – 35:20, Rick Winnard – 35:26, Louise Righini – 35:34, Emma Walker – 36:02, Kathryn Berry – 36:40, Carolyn Edwards – 37:05, Richard Blake – 37:10, Steve Holt – 37:17, Natasha Clarke – 37:42 (PB by 6 minutes and 5K PB too!), Teresa Riley – 38:04, Sarah Brown – 38:08, Gillian Morris – 38:24, Philip Morris – 38:25, Nia Bell – 39:38, David Allen – 40:03, Joanna Fielding – 40:23, Carol Richardson – 40:25, Luke Newell – 41:25, Julie Morrison – 41:45, David Morrison – 41:49, Anthony Fulop – 44:10, Jennifer Entwistle – 44:11, Jordan Hulme – 44:12, Sue Marland – 47:27, Jen Forkin – 47:48, Shirley Robinson – 47:49.


East Lancashire Railway was the destination for a carriage full of Burndeners this week as Race the Train blew the whistle at 10am on Sunday. This race has its appeal in the novelty of trying to beat the steam train’s time of 1:35:00 from Bury to Rawtenstall and in its beautiful, scenic and ever-changing route.

Approximately 10.5 miles in length, the runners travel north along trail paths running alongside the railway lines and the Irwell River before finishing at Rawtenstall Station.

Ivan Brown was 1st Burndener home in a chuffing 1:45:18. Steaming home behind were Gayle Gerrard – 1:48:52, Elaine Roper – 1:50:06, Louise Righini – 1:56:07, Kathryn Baron – 1:56:31, Emma Walker – 1:56:43 (PB by 12 minutes), Philip Glassbrook – 2:03:33, Tony Fulop – 2:22:51.


Adventuring Burndeners were up in the hills to compete in the Leo Pollard Memorial Race, organised by Lostock AC and part of the Horwich Festival of Racing. Beginning at the Top Barn in Rivington, runners faced a steep climb up to the Pike and then circulate both Rivington and Smithills moor – taking in Brown Hill and Crooked Edge Hill to reach the Two Lads monument. Circling again around Holden’s Plantation and Smithills Shooting Hut, it is another climb almost to the Mast before traversing back across Rivington Moor in stunning approach to the Pike. Racers then retrace their steps to finish the 7 mile race back at the starting point.

Ian Pudge was first Burndener home in 56:29 followed by David Smith in 1:05:42 and Vicki Hamer as first and sole Burnden lady in 1:06:07.

Other fantastic results – Tim Taylor – 1:07:39, David Morrison – 1:26:29, Philip Glassbrook – 1:30:38.


A pair of speedy Burndeners, Lyall Mew and Mark Charlton, were on top form as they travelled to Barrowford for the Podium 5K. This course is 4.75 laps of a purpose-built flat tarmac track with four races divided into pace groups based on historic times raced. Lyall sped round in a PB of 18:23 and Mark crossed in an impressive 23:44.


The clue is in the name for locals how challenging this one was! The Two Lads Monument, an imposing pair of stone cairns, sits high over Horwich so to reach it there is a lot of climb in those legs. Yet three of our members did just that this week and achieved an amazing 274 metres of elevation. Starting at the side of the Bridge Inn, the 8.4K race climbs up onto the Pennines and on to Two Lads before the final descent back to the start. Tim Taylor was first down in 54:36 followed by Jocelyn Chadderton in 1:05:19 and David Morrison in 1:07:09.

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