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Out in the pitch black armed with head torches and lightning feet were three intrepid runners with one goal in mind – to conquer the 1,273 feet of elevation and 10 kilometres distance of Epic Events’ popular Petzl Night Run at Rivington.

Reflective signs light the way of this eerie course, and with the Pike having a reputation for UFO sightings, the Close Encounters theme is very apt. Winter Hill’s ‘magnetic attraction for all things unexplained’ adds to the alien-esque atmosphere of a great race!

Traversing the bogs, rough land and rocky outcrops across from Rivington Pike to the Two Lads, Vicki Hamer, Ravi Patel and Todd Cameron (running for Team Deane) all landed at the finish with great times of 1:14:07, 1:14:09 and 1:35:27 respectively and were rewarded with a glow-in-the-dark medal and t-shirt.


Catch a great seaside race! Two of Burnden’s best birds flew over to the seaside on Sunday to take roost in the St Anne’s 10 miler.

Flying against the bitter wind for 5 miles before the 5-mile return bringing it behind them, Bernie Jones and Gillian McGowan nevertheless enjoyed the pleasant route around Fairhaven Lake and following the promenade.

Bernie was home in a seaside-terrific 1:32:31 and Gillian cracked a nest egg of a PB as she was sub-2 hour in 1:59:10.


Now in its fourth year, starting on Jackson’s Lane and held on closed roads, the Stockport Daffodil 10K is a popular choice for the distance. Sports Feet and Crazy Legs Events are the hosts and offer an optional technical tshirt, a bespoke wooden medal and a pair of Hilly socks as a tempting treat for the Finish line.

Emma Walker ran a great race and achieved a sub-hour of 59:23 - bumping (not literally) into the ‘legend’, Tony Fulop, who crossed in a respectable 1:06:31.


Following last week’s double whammy of Cross Country, here are the individual results from Marl Pits – Red Rose League – described by Gareth Doherty as ‘a proper shoe-sucker of a race!’

Ladies – Verity Harrison – 30:04, Anne Ferguson – 31:19 (1st Cat position) Gwen Kinloch – 33:01 (2nd Cat position), Kathryn Baron – 36:00, (3rd Cat position), Tony Fulop – 45:48 (1st Cat position)

Gentlemen – Matthew Dewhurst – 36:36, Paul Duke – 38:28, Gareth Doherty – 41:36, Danny Glynn – 42:04, Stephen Horsman – 43:52, David Smith – 50:55, Ged Turner – 52:30.


The parks were back up and running this Saturday and here are the special mentions for this week.

Martin Whitehead was placed in 3rd overall position at Bolton – a flat 21:00 on a hilly course. Michael Kermode hit his 25 milestone and achieved a super 5th position at Bolton in a time of 21:24.

Suleman Badat again was flying at Worsley Woods – taking 3rd male and 4th overall position in an incredible 18:17.

Andrew Parkinson’s times continue to improve as he recovers from injury – crossing in 37:14 this week – knocking minutes from his 39:06 two weeks previously and 41:15 on 6th January.

Bolton – Attendance 244

Chris Worthington – 23:21, Mark Cannon – 23:39, Andrew Crawford – 23:39, Ian Pudge – 24:40, Jonathan Sangster – 24:43, Sarah Watton – 2nd lady – 24:43, Tom Stratton – 25:58, Linda Doherty – 29:37, Gareth Doherty – 29:38, Nicola Halsall – 31:24, Sarah Brown – 31:34, Luke Newell – 32:17, Philip Glassbrook – 32:37, Paul Johnson – 33:17, Steven Snape – 34:53, Joyce Tyldesley – 38:02, Katherine Baines – 39:42, Vicki Hamer – 46:15.

Heaton Park – Attendance 832 - Mark Jackson – 21:57, Gayle Gerrard – 26:57

Hyndburn – Attendance 130 - Sue Thalange – 40:17

Carlisle – Attendance – 172 - Simon Marland – 25:28, Sue Marland – 34:07

Worsley Woods – Attendance 410 - Tony Woodiwiss – 27:11

Haigh Woodland – Attendance 280 – Shirley Staveley – 23:56

Alexandra, Moss Side – Attendance – 538 - David Smith – 22:36, Steven Walsh – 23:02, Jenni Partington – 26:40, Gareth Lowe – 26:42, Mark Charlton – 26:44, Mark Butler – 31:12

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