PARKRUN EVENT #267 21/05/2016

The expected rain didn’t materialize but 20 Burnden runners did to complete the 5k course with 2 of them attaining new PB’s. Our first personal best finisher, with her 4th PB of 2016, was Debra Hennessey. Debra took just 2 seconds off her time from two weeks ago to record a new best time of 28 minutes and 14 seconds. That sub-28 is definitely looking a great possibility for Debra this year and I’m sure that it won’t be too long before we are reporting it in our parkrun roundup. Our second PB finisher was Jackie Spiby. This was Jackie’s 5th parkrun and her 3rd PB. She took 34 seconds off last weeks’ time (so some part of your training is working well, Jackie) and has now taken over 5 minutes off her debut time in January (yes I know I said the same thing in last week’s report – but it does deserve mentioning again and pointing out that it is an improvement of over 15%). Paula Pilling and Lesley Fisher were 2nd and 3rd in the Ladies race and both won their age categories. Also winning their age categories were Vicki Hamer and Laurence Keighley (I was determined to get a male into this parkrun report).

Our parkrun tourists this week were Jackie Oakes who ran at the Fell Foot parkrun at Newby Bridge, up in the Lake District. Our only other tourist was Colm O’Brien who ran at the Hilly Fields parkrun, which is south of the river (Thames) in the district of Lewisham. Colm’s time of 22:40 wasn’t a PB but was fast enough, by 8 seconds, to give him a category win in the MV55-59 section.


PARKRUN EVENT #266 14/05/2016

This Saturday’s parkrun saw 26 Burnden runners obtain 5 PB’s and a record equalling run. While we normally start by acknowledging the people running personal bests this week we will begin with a little history lesson.

At parkrun #25 on the 23rd July 2011 Pauline Linton ran and finished first lady in her first outing at Leverhulme. In her subsequent 43 Leverhulme parkruns Pauline came first lady another 25 times, giving her a total of 26 first places. This seemed like a record that would stand for ages, as indeed it did. On the 9th November 2013 almost 6 months after Pauline ran her last Leverhulme parkrun, Paula Pilling came first lady on her 7th attempt. It took Paula another 10 parkruns before she finally achieved her 2nd first place finish. However, since then they have come in thick and fast and she has also twice come first lady 4 weeks in a row. This weekend Paula, on her 59th parkrun, finally equalled Pauline’s 26 victories. Everyone salutes you Paula and looks forward to seeing you set the bar even higher.

Having ran his first ever top ten finish last week, in his 112th Leverhulme parkrun, Marcus Chester (20:06) took 15 seconds off his time from 7 days ago and also managed to finish one place higher in 6th place this week. We look forward to you breaking that 20 minute barrier in the near future Marcus and who knows maybe even a top 3 finish. What is it like to get you first PB in seven months? Don’t know, then ask Colm O’Brien who this week ran 9 seconds faster that last week but crucially ran 5 seconds faster that his time from last October. How much easier it is to run when the sun is out, isn’t it Colm. Alec Cottrill has only run 9 parkruns since his debut in February 2015, but then again 5 of them have been PB’s and his latest time of 27 minutes 6 second sliced a mighty 50 seconds from his last PB outing. You’ll have to clear your diary out Alec and get down on more Saturday mornings if possible. Our penultimate PB runner is relatively newish member Jackie Spiby. Jackie has a 50% parkrun PB record, in that she has run 4 times and has 2 PB’s. Jackie’s time of 29:02 was 10 seconds faster than her previous best recorded some 9 weeks ago and is over 4½ minutes faster that her January debut time. We look forward to seeing how much you can reduce this by in the rest of 2016, Jackie. Finally, securing her 5th PB of 2016 (can’t you just go off some people!) Dawn Evans, who seems to race every weekend – and always with a smile on her face – ran a time of 32 minutes 28 seconds to better her time, from a fortnight ago, by 7 seconds. As far as we are aware Betfred, or any other bookmakers for that matter, has not put any odds on how many PB's Dawn will attain this year. If I was a betting man though I would go for double figures. Age graded category winners this week were: - George Butler (SM 18-19), Vicki Hamer (SW 25-29), Marcus Chester (VM 40-44) and Paula Pilling (VW 40-44).

Our lone parkrun tourist this was Phil Lamb whose time of 23:14 was just 8 seconds outside his Worsley Woods personal best time in only his second parkrun outing of the year.


PARKRUN EVENT #265 07/05/2016

Leverhulme Park was covered with a sea of silver and sable (not grey and black as some people would have it) as 41 Burnden runners ran the parkrun, with almost as many members marshalling/scanning/timekeeping etc. as  Burnden took over the whole event for the day. We didn’t have long to wait for the first of our 5 PB’s either as Ed Ashton (20:15), finishing 5th overall, took just one second off his previous best time recorded in May last year. Just 6 seconds and 2 places behind Ed came Marcus Chester (20:21), who removed 14 seconds from his last PB which he logged just 7 weeks ago. This was Marcus’s first top 10 finish – so a special well done to Marcus. In only her second run at Leverhulme, the first being some 31 months ago, Lyndsay Darbyshire (22:36) took 1 minute and 1 second off her debut time way back then. Ed and Lyndsay’s runs also earned them both 46 club championship points as well. Kris Worsley (23:11) secured his first parkrun PB of 2016 by taking 20 seconds away from last July’s previous best. Kris’s time was just one second off equalling his best ever 5k/parkrun time. So I think that we will see him break that time soon. Our final PB runner was Debra Hennessey (28:16) who ran her 3rd PB of 2016 and took 3 seconds off her March run. This time sets a new personal best for any 5k/parkrun for her and comes after Debra’s two previous parkruns were just 1 second and 2 seconds outside that March time. Burnden runners who ran a season’s best (SB) time on Saturday were: - Ed Ashton, Lyndsay Darbyshire, Kris Worsley, Tim Taylor, Phil Glassbrook, Phil Holden and Paul Sedgwick. Congratulations should go to Chris Greenall and Rita Ledwards who both completed their 50th parkrun. Also, it is getting quite difficult to do a parkrun report these days without mentioning a certain Paula Pilling. Paula didn’t get a PB or a SB this week but did manage to come home as 1st lady for an incredible 25th time! As stated in earlier reports the record number of wins for anyone at Leverhulme is 26, so you hardly need me to tell you that Paula is soon going to equal then smash that particular record.

Parkrun tourists this week travelled far and wide and posted some excellent times. At the Fell Foot parkrun in the Lakes John Longden showed his metronomic consistency by equalling last weeks’ Fell Foot PB time of 25:45. Nadia Raza became Burnden’s first runner over at the Ormeau parkrun, in South Belfast. Not content with that Nadia set herself a new 5k/parkrun personal best time of 26:54. Nadia’s best time before her Belfast run was 28:09, which she achieved last week at Leverhulme. That is some improvement in one week. Meanwhile down at the Fulham Palace parkrun Sue Blackman, having previously ran a (PB) time of 29:01 here, set herself the target of finishing with a time of 28 minutes and any seconds. Due to some exceptional coaching and pace-making (we won’t mention the pre-race alcohol) by Simon Marland, Sue failed miserably and found herself crossing the finish line in a time of 27 minutes and 57 seconds!! One minute three seconds off your previous best time Sue, fantastic. The 28 minute something run will have to wait for another day Sue.


PARKRUN EVENT #264 30/04/2016

21 Burnden runners at this week's parkrun with a hat trick of PBs to celebrate, starting with Linda Haines (30:34) with her fourth PB in eight runs knocking 3 seconds offer her previous best.  Another lady who can't stop celebrating PBs these days is Dawn Evans (32:35) who took 8 seconds off her best time.  Making sure we had some male representation was Robert Mack (23:38) with his 3rd PB in 5 runs.

We also saw some 'nearlies' from Nadia Raza (28:09) who equalled her PB, Katy Thompson (23:15) 6 seconds off equalling her previous best and Debra Hennessey 2 seconds of her best time.

Travellers this week included

At Fell Foot John Longden (25:45) equalling his Fell Foot PB accompanied by Fell Foot first timer Don Taylor (27:57).

Lesley Fisher (23:53) at Haigh Woodland

Marcus Chester (19:29) at making his debut at Stretford

Sarah Sutcliffe (26:23) also debuting at Chadderton


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