PARKRUN EVENT #289 22/10/2016

30 Burnden runners today. 5 PB’s, some people running their first Leverhulme parkrun of 2016, a first (third, sixth and seventh) lady and Burnden completes one lap (I know that you are wondering “a lap of what”, but I will explain later.

The first of our PB finishers was serial pace-maker Paul Duke. Paul took time off from his pacing duties to record a new best time of 19 minutes and 41 seconds – a full 19 seconds off last October’s 20 minute dead time. This was also Paul’s best finishing position as he came in at 5th place overall. Finishing just 6 places behind and breaking last week’s PB (and getting nearer to that sub-20) was Mark Jackson. Mark removed 16 seconds from his time of just seven days ago to set a new best of 20:24. Finishing a further 5 places in the men’s race was Christophe Menand who last ran at Leverhulme in April………………2014! It’s perhaps no great surprise that Christophe managed to take 2 minutes and 6 seconds off his previous best to post a new best of 20:52. Mark Davis made it 3 consecutive PB’s, taking 46 seconds off his last run 5 weeks ago and setting a new best time of 28 minutes and 22 seconds. Mark has taken over 4 minutes off his debut time, which was in August of this year. Way to go, Mark. Finally, and stopping the PB section from becoming an all masculine affair, we have Linda Haines who has been a bit quiet since posting 3 PB’s in 3 weeks back in April (2016). It has taken Linda a dozen parkruns to beat that April time, but her run of 29:45 becomes her first sub 30 minute run and also takes her above 60% in the Age Gradings. Lesley Fisher was the highest scoring female in the Age Grading table today with 82.72%, Steve Nolan topped the men’s with a score of 78.22%. Finishing first in the ladies race, for only the 34th time, was Paula Pilling – who by doing so obviously won her age category. Other age category winners were: - Paul Duke, Steve Nolan, Don Nichol, Katy Thompson, Jane Forrest and Lesley Fisher.

It started on the 5th February 2011 when Kirsty White became the first Burnden runner to finish (in 6th place as it happens on that day) the inaugural Leverhulme parkrun. It was completed on the 22nd October 2016 when Steve Nolan crossed the finish line (in 7th place) to become Burnden’s 8,015th runner to complete the 5K course. “What is so special about running 8,015 parkruns?” I don’t hear you ask. I shall inform you anyway! As you have probably worked out for yourself by now, 8,015 parkruns is equal to 40,075 kilometres. And, as I’m positive that you are all aware, 40,075 kilometres just happens to be the accepted distance of the Earth’s equator! Which means, as I’m sure that you have worked out by now, that Burnden has now started on its 2nd lap of the planet, all done in the confines of Leverhulme Park. Whether you are Paul Johnson, who has competed 228 times at Leverhulme, or Sarah Sutcliffe, who has just the solo run, or any of the other 200 and odd Burnden runners who have ran at Leverhulme; you should be proud to have achieved this feat. That has just taken us just 2087 days to run round the Earth. Now let’s get our fingers out and do the 2nd lap a bit faster!

Just got enough space left to tell you about the Burnden tourists this week. Phil Lamb ran at his favourite parkrun over at Worsley Woods, having participated at this event 44 times. At the other end of the spectrum, three runners making their debuts at different venues were: - Nick Howarth (Burnage), Marcus Chester (Wythenshawe) and Andrew Hardingham (Stretford).


PARKRUN EVENT #288 15/10/2016

23 representatives at Leverhulme with just the one PB. Just two months ago Mark Jackson dipped under 22 minutes for the parkrun and this week he goes and runs a sub-21 minute race, clocking in at 20 minutes 40 seconds and finishing in 6th place overall. Not content with that, Mark then goes on record stating that he intends to get a sub-20; at Leverhulme of course. He has already done that feat at Worsley Woods. We have no doubt that you will success in this quest, Mark. After recording a PB and finishing 3rd lady last week, Vicki Hamer ran 17 seconds slower this week and was 1st lady overall. That’s your 2nd first place this year Vicki and no-one is betting against you getting a third one! Both Mark and Vicki won their respective age categories this week and David Aulton also chipped in coming first in the MV60 category. Just the one special run with Gemma Chapman completing her 120th parkrun, all of which bar 7 have been at Leverhulme. Also a big Burnden welcome to new member Susan Pickering who ran her debut parkrun this week.

Just two tourists this week; Ian Pudge ran at Pennington with father-in-law Les and over at Haigh Woodland Clair Marland (28:22) keeps chipping her times down, taking 43 seconds off her time from a fortnight ago.



PARKRUN EVENT #287 08/10/2016

The fine weather of early autumn brought a bumper 27 Burnden runners to Bolton last Saturday.  Now we don't often see Colin Rigby (19:44) at a parkrun event, but when he does make the effort to set an early alarm call he always finishes in the top 20.  This week was no exception with Colin finishing in 6th place finishing only two seconds off his PB time from October 2014.

Celebrating new PBs this week were Vicki Hamer (22:40) coming home as third lady taking 7 seconds off her previous best.  Wasyl Gelyczak (27:36 ) who scored his third consecutive PB taking a fantastic 1 minute 43 seconds off his best time at Leverhulme.  Mr Consistent Steven Bate came close only 6 seconds off equalling his best time.

Just one special run this week for Fiona Ashton (36:38) on run 130.

Lots of Burnden representation in the cheering squad this week with Ann Butler, Mark Butler, Joanne Darby, Dawn Evans, Abbie Gregson, Mike Gregson, Rita Ledwards, Richard Lord, Diane Morrison, Jeff Pendlebury, Christine Pendlebury and Rob Short all helping to make it happen.

Travellers this week were Simon Marland (29:08) and Sue Blackman (29:08) who made their debut appearances at Swindon.  Mel Walker (23:52) paying his 5th visit to Pennington Flash while Shirley Staveley (22:09) earned a parkrun PB and highest age grade percent 77.58% at Princes parkrun, Liverpool.


PARKRUN EVENT #286 01/10/2016

21 runners at this week’s parkrun, 2 PB’s and a 1-2-3. Our first PB runner this week is Linda O’Byrne who broke the 25 minute barrier for the first time. Linda took 35 seconds off her March PB to record a new best time of 24 minutes 26 seconds. For the second week running Wasyl Gelyczak ran a new personal best. Wasyl ran 44 seconds faster than last week and set himself a new PB of 29 minutes and 19 seconds. These new members are certainly getting a boost from joining the club! Our 1-2-3 that I mentioned earlier was 1st lady – Paula Pilling (for the 32nd time), 2nd lady – Vicki Hamer (for the 5th time) and 3rd man – Rob Short (for the 21st time). Unconventional, but still a 1-2-3. Paula, Vicki and Rob were also our only category winners. Special runs this week for Marcus Chester (130 parkruns), Gareth Doherty (80), Linda O’Byrne (80), Julie Bower (70) and Paula Pilling (70). A special shout for Ian Pudge who ran at Leverhulme for the first time since March and an extra special ‘welcome back’ to Christine Pendlebury, who was back marshalling again after her spell in hospital.

Our Burnden tourists stayed pretty local this week, but it was still a good turn-out. Rebecca Martin and Steven Yates turned out at Heaton Park, whilst over at Pennington Flash Mel Walker easily won the vet 70 category (by almost 6 minutes). Over at Worsley Woods Mark Jackson set a new PB and became the 14th Burnden runner to run a sub 20 minute time here with his new best time of 19:58. Last week’s sub-20 man Adrian Merritt also raced at the Worsley event. Finally over at the Haigh Woodland parkrun Clair Marland was again chaperoned around by her son Ciaran, this time to a new PB of 29:05.


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