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Mental Health Awareness Week Nature run/walk

On Thursday evening the Mental Health Champions led a run and walk around Entwistle Reservoir, it marks this weeks National Campaign by The Mental Health Foundation to show that nature can improve our mental well being.

There are times in all are lives when things can feel a bit too much, it can be stress at work, worries about our family or health, it can be feeling lonely. But there is a simple thing that can support mental health - Nature; The Mental Health Foundation have found that more than half of UK Adults say that being close to nature helped their mental health. 

Everyone is welcome to join us a Burnden Road Runners, we have a variety of training evenings and as we move into the Summer months the run leaders will be planning training runs taking in the nature we have surrounding us here in Bolton.

Find out more about our training nights below 



Come and join us, everyone welcome, 
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