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May 5k for ParkRun UK

May Virtual Club Challenge - ‘May 5k for ParkRun UK’
Burnden Members, thank you. For May we have another fantastic Virtual challenge. This months challenge aims to capture the excitement in the running community for the long awaited restart of ParkRun UK. The challenge is as easy as 123 …
1. Complete ANY official ParkRun course in the UK (any time, but if possible please avoid
Saturday 9am)
2. Run/walk your chosen ParkRun 5K
3. Go to the Burnden website/Virtual Club Championship page, click on ‘Submit your time’, and
‘Enter your result’.
Live results are updated daily, giving you the chance to see how many effort points you have scored towards the Virtual Club Championship, and how near you are to joining the 100 Club! With your first ParkRun 5K effort submitted as a benchmark, the rest is up to you. Members can submit multiple attempts and run/walk multiple ParkRun courses throughout May. If you are returning to training and/or competition, this is the challenge for you. A 5K is a great way to start to stretch those legs again, build back your aerobic endurance, or perhaps a hilly ParkRun for building strength and/or power. Some Members we know are just bursting to smash out a 5K
PB, get ready….this is a challenge for everyone.
Remember - if your device measures slightly under/over, or does not capture elevation, don’t worry. Just enter what you have recorded, and the system will be updated automatically. If you go slightly off-course that’s fine also. Please continue to submit your Garmin/Strava links when possible. While entirely optional, its great that people share their efforts with the BRR community.
Good Luck!
You can run ANY ParkRun in the UK, but here is a reminder of some local ParkRun courses:

Submit your entry here



Come and join us, everyone welcome, 
find us on facebook or
contacts usThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.

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