Next Steppers Group



So you have successfully completed the New Starters Group and can run 3 miles without stopping, but where do you go next? or are you looking to reach the 10k level; or are you an experienced runner returning to running…then the Next Steppers Group is for you.

The group is about to begin working with its 2nd group of runners and although it was originally set up for those graduating from the beginner’s group, other more experienced runners who are already able to run 3 miles without stopping can join us. Each programme is designed around the needs and goals of the runners in that group, so it is unique and individualised. The initial informal 3 week period gives an opportunity for us to get to know you and find out what you would like to get out of the group; following this the formal programme will hopefully take you to your destination, whether that be a race or to simply run a longer distance without stopping.

The group is designed to progress runners who have completed a New Starters group and are now running 3 miles (5k) without stopping, plus anyone else looking to progress beyond this level. It meets at Smithills Sports Centre every Monday night at 7pm (except bank holidays, when the sports centre is closed) and each session is £1. 

The next group will commence on 9th January 2017 at 7pm (at Smithills School Sports Centre, Smithills Dean Rd, Bolton) and meets there each Monday at 7pm (except bank holidays, when the sports centre is closed).

It consists of 3 informal sessions before the formal programme begins on 30th January 2017. The last session of this group is on 3rd April 2017.

Also on the first Monday of each month, or in the case of a bank holiday on the next Monday after that, there is a monthly club meeting which takes place at 8.45pm.

All the paperwork you need to fill in can be found on this part of the Burnden website.

If you are new to the club, membership of this Next Steppers Group after the 30th September will be £12, which provides membership of Burnden Road Runners for the remainder of 2017 and registration with UK Athletics. 

Those wishing to attend should fill in the brief questionnaire below and bring it to the session on 16th January or whenever you attend for the first time. N.B. For those who attended a previous New Starters Group – if you have already filled in a questionnaire and your details and goals are unchanged, there is no need to fill in another questionnaire.

Hope to see you there.


Sue Booth - Next Steppers Group Coach (UK Athletics Level 2 Coach in Running and Fitness, Leader in Running and Fitness)