Virtual Championship 2022

How our Virtual Championship works

Within the Virtual Championship 2022 there are 11 Virtual Challenges Feb-Dec. You need to complete 5/11 to qualify.

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For each Virtual Challenge effort points are given. The points given are based on a comparison between your recent best '5K effort' and those you record for the challenge. You will see that when your best ‘5K effort' matches equally with your challenge effort an award of 100+ points is given. Your best effort points for each challenge will contribute to the annual Virtual Championships points table.

BRR uses information provided by the Power of 10 website initially and we calculate points as the challenges progress.

This is how it works - each month the Virtual Challenge will include a set distance to run/walk and sometimes an agreed route.

While completing the Virtual Challenge you will need to record and save details on your preferred device (or manually). Don't worry if your distance goes slightly over or doesn't exactly return to the start point, there are no penalty points.



REMEMBER, the Virtual Championship is all about % effort and not about being the quickest.

ALL usual Virtual BADGES up for GRABS!





100 Club Effort Extraordinaire

All members hitting their 100% effort target

Elevation Eagle

Best ELEVATION effort

Flying Feet

FASTEST effort

Pleasure Cruiser

WALKS submitted


Good Luck!


BRR Virtual Championships 202
🎽 Challenge 4/11-May 4k Waterway🎽
May 4k Waterway - Riverside, canalside, seaside, you decide 💧
Challenge number FOUR is all about finding some calm by the water. Start finding those reservoirs, lakes, canals, rivers, or even head to the ocean. Whether you’re dipping in solo, or splashing around with friends, ENJOY and have FUN!
Complete any 4k course of your choice, where the majority of your run/walk is by the waterside. You may find yourself lapping up the distance around your favourite reservoir, by the sea, or down on the canal. The choices are endless and completely up to you!
* As always there is some flexibility in the distance so please don't worry if your run/walk goes slightly over/under, there are no penalty points.

You can submit as many efforts as you like through May

ALL usual Virtual BADGES up for GRABS! 🔥 🎯‍ 🥾 🦅