Virtual Championship 2021

How our Virtual Club Championship works.

For each race points are given based on a comparison between your race 'effort' in minutes per kilometres (pace) matched with your previous 'best effort' recorded during the 2019-20 Championship races. You will see that when your 'best effort' in the 2019-20 Championship matches equally with this years Club Championship an award of 100+ points is given.

The Club will use members best 5k from 2019-20 Championship seasons as your 'base effort' gaining the information provided by the Power of 10 website.

This is how it works - each month the Championship will include a minimum distance to run or sometimes an agreed route set by the Club Captain's.

For September we have September Legendary Soccer challenge to submit your entry all you need to do is run a 5k.Everyone is put in a team ,take a look here at which team you are in.

While running the agreed distance or route you will need to record and save details on your preferred device. Don't worry if your distance goes slightly over or doesn't exactly return to the start point, there are no penalty points.

Within the month submit your recorded *finish time* and *exact distance covered* (essential) and your *total elevation* gained (optional). You may gain some extra points for hilly routes but we advise you run all this years Championship races on as level a route as possible.

We will then calculate your race Points from your submitted run times and distances (pace) compared with your best effort on the system. So this years Virtual Club Championship 2021, it’s all about % effort and not about being the quickest.

Good Luck