Tues Bat Run League @ The Endurance Store




The Tuesday night ‘Bat Run League’ is a trail race series which takes place every 2nd Tuesday evening from The Endurance Store in Wigan. The series runs from start of October (Tues 10th) through to March.

The events are generally 4-5 miles in length and a large portion of the route is on trails. The course is marked by reflective signs and it is compulsory for you to run with a good quality head torch to ensure you can see clearly the route ahead. The route will vary each week runners will start at 20 second intervals in a time trial format. They are not marshaled and you are responsible for your own safety and navigation.

There are some road sections on the course and you must stop before crossing roads and junctions.

Results will be published on the Wednesday morning following each event and a series table will be updated each week.

There is no entry fee for any events, but you must have a good quality running head torch, you must carry a mobile phone and we strongly recommend you wear trail shoes (courses tend to be muddy) and high viz clothing & you must bring cake to one of the events throughout the winter period.

The General Format

1. Meet 6:00pm and register: You must add your name and an emergency contact number to the registration sheet, collect a race number
2. Briefing 6:30pm
3. Starts outside the shop shortly after at 20 second intervals
4. Finish outside the shop and time recorded
5. Free coffee, tea and biscuits
6. Leave your shoes outside or you will be 'severely' punished

Need any more information, call the shop: 01257 251217. Bat Run Website.