Track & Field




Burnden have long been a recognised running club on the roads and in the cross-country leagues for some time now. We are also making inroads and becoming known in the fell-running community. It is now time to try to get some recognition in the discipline of track and field.

Northern Masters ( host several meetings a year and any vet can compete in any of these except the Championships in May, you need to be a member of Northern Masters to compete there. If you are a veteran and would like to chance your arm throwing the javelin, or see just how fast you can run a 400 metre lap in, these meetings are a great place to start. I have put down the dates and venues of these meetings below, but if you would like any more details or just want to discuss taking part contact me on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or see me on a Monday or a Wednesday night at training. The cost of taking part is £5 for up to 4 events! The track events run are the 100, 200, 400, 800, 1500 and 3000 metres. The field events vary at each venue. 7 PM START




Field Events

April 11th 2018


 H J - L J - S P - Hammer

June 6th 2018

Sport City, Manchester

 H J - L J - S P - JAV

June 24th 2018

T & F Championship


 T J - S P - JAV - DIS

H J - L J - Hammer

July 11th 2018


 DIS - Hammer - L J - S P


Trafford AC also hosts several track meetings and these are ‘open’ events. Any age group can attend these and the standard is quite high (so sharpen your spikes before taking part). The cost at these meetings is £5 for your first event and £2 each for extra events. Trafford AC hosts these events at Longford Park Stretford and details of dates and disciplines can be found on their website . Again email me or see me on a Monday night if you want any more information.


Leigh 27th July 2016 - 5,000m Championship

Leigh 29th July 2015 - 5,000m Championship

Leigh 29th July 2015 - Track and Field League

Leigh 17th May 2015 - Track and Field Championship

Leigh 30th July 2014 - Track and Field League

Leigh 11th May 2014 - Track and Field Championship