Burnden Race Reports
Friday 19th March 2021
Our only debutant this week was Julia Hall who on her first outing set a distance of 5,410 metres and brings the total number of Burnden runners who have entered the 30 minute challenge to 40. Julia was the only lady to compete for us this week but she was joined by 5 of our men, 2 of whom managed new personal bests and another 1 who won his age category. Paul Duke increased his PB distance by 32 metres to set a new best of 6,308 metres, while last week’s debutant, Gary Aylett, ran a distance of 6,228 metres, an increase of just under 103 metres. Tony Wall (6510 metres) came 1st in the very competitive M60 group, whilst Andy Dunleavy (6050) finished fourth in the same category. Paul Christie finished 2nd in his M65 category with a run of 6,250 metres. Burnden finished 4th in the team competition overall and again set a new best average distance of exactly 6,126 metres.
Two new personal bests, one category winner, one debutant, one category runner-up, three category 3rd places and the 4th placed runner overall make this quite some week. If you are a regular reader of this weekly report – and I’m hoping that at least some of you are – you may recall that last week I ‘threw down the gauntlet’ to Shay Walker, remarking that he had run the second furthest distance by a Burnden runner. Well this week it was a case of challenge acknowledged, challenge accepted and new best distance set. As anyone who know Shay can tell you, he does love a challenge. This week Shay increased his debut run by almost half a kilometre, to set himself a new PB of 8,037 metres. That is just under 10 metres shot of a full 5 miles! Needless to say Shay won his M50 category and finished with the 4th furthest distance recorded at the weekend. Aidy Ashburn also scored a new PB setting himself a new best of 6,494 metres, up 54 metres from two weeks ago. Aidy finish in 3rd place in the competitive M40 classifications, as did Paul Christie (6,340) in the M65’s and Tony Wall (6,580) in the M60’s. Going one better than Tony and coming in 2nd place in the M60 category, with a distance of 7,300 metres, was Andy Dunleavy. Our new Burnden runner this week was Gary Aylett, who sensibly kept off the hills this week, and ran a distance of 6,125.51 metres on the roads. To complete our septet of Burnden men, Trevor Eagle covered 4,420 metres which is his best run of 2021 and was only 92 metres away from equalling his personal best. Only two Burnden ladies completed the 30 minute challenge this week. Louise Wall, like Trevor, scored her best distance of 2021 by running 4,960 metres and Cheryl Dunleavy (4,610) was just 111 metres away from a new PB. In the team competition Burnden finished 4th overall, equalling our highest placing but scored a new best average distance of 6,096.28 metres.
Friday 5th February 2021
One new Burnden runner, one personal best and one category winner this week as well as three 2nd category places! Welcome to our new participant – Shay Walker – who ran 7,567 metres in his first attempt. That is the second furthest distance ran by a Burnden runner (and that is the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down, Shay)! Four weeks after his debut run, Marcus Chester laid down a new PB by running an extra 102 metres to record a new best distance of 7,419 metres. Our category winner this week was Tony Wall whose run of 6,490 metres earned him 1st place in the M60 category. Paul Christie (6,350) secured 2nd place in the M65 group, as did Marcus and Shay in the M45 and M50 categories respectively. Trevor Eagle (4,280) completed the Burnden male contingent. The leading Burnden lady this week was Louise Wall who covered a distance of exactly 4.8 kilometres, her best distance of 2021 so far. Cheryl Dunleavy, who has only missed competing on one weekend so far this year, covered a distance of 4,380 metres. Our third and final Burnden lady this week was Jen Forkin who ran for 4,119.9 metres, yet only received 4,119 points for her effort. You would have thought that they would have been awarded her that extra point. But I guess that rules are rules! Burnden were 8th placed team this week, one up from last week. In the table for the whole of 2021 Burnden stand in 10th position – this is based on the total distance ran by team members (just under 400 kilometres for Burnden).

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