Burnden Race Reports
Friday 5th February 2021
One new Burnden runner, one personal best and one category winner this week as well as three 2nd category places! Welcome to our new participant – Shay Walker – who ran 7,567 metres in his first attempt. That is the second furthest distance ran by a Burnden runner (and that is the sound of a gauntlet being thrown down, Shay)! Four weeks after his debut run, Marcus Chester laid down a new PB by running an extra 102 metres to record a new best distance of 7,419 metres. Our category winner this week was Tony Wall whose run of 6,490 metres earned him 1st place in the M60 category. Paul Christie (6,350) secured 2nd place in the M65 group, as did Marcus and Shay in the M45 and M50 categories respectively. Trevor Eagle (4,280) completed the Burnden male contingent. The leading Burnden lady this week was Louise Wall who covered a distance of exactly 4.8 kilometres, her best distance of 2021 so far. Cheryl Dunleavy, who has only missed competing on one weekend so far this year, covered a distance of 4,380 metres. Our third and final Burnden lady this week was Jen Forkin who ran for 4,119.9 metres, yet only received 4,119 points for her effort. You would have thought that they would have been awarded her that extra point. But I guess that rules are rules! Burnden were 8th placed team this week, one up from last week. In the table for the whole of 2021 Burnden stand in 10th position – this is based on the total distance ran by team members (just under 400 kilometres for Burnden).
Friday 26th February 202
Two new PB’s, two category first places and two category runners-up this week. Our personal best though first – after last week’s debut run Aidy Ashburn this week added on another 96 metres to set a new best of 6,440 metres. Keep them improvements coming Aidy! At the end of January Sarah Watton ran her first 30 minute challenge run and I pointed out (perhaps flippantly) that she was just 230 metres short of the 7 kilometre mark. Well this week, in her third outing, Sarah posted a distance of 6,952 metres which means that she is now just 48 metres (that’s 52 and a half yards in ye old measurements) from that mark and you would be a fool betting against her reaching it in the next few runs. Sarah also secured 1st place in the senior women category. Andy Dunleavy covered a distance of exactly 6.8 kilometres this week which meant that he too came in 1st place in the M60 category. Coming 2nd place in the M60’s was Tony Wall (6,420) and also placing 2nd in his M65 group Paul Christie totalled a distance of 6,570 metres. Nia Bell’s distance (4,881) was within 100 metres of her PB and just short of that 5K mark. Head up Nia, it’s within striking distance. Recovering from a hamstring problem Trevor Eagle ran 4,100 metres and, if he has no further issues, will be looking to stretch that distance (and that hamstring) in the not-too-distant future. Our final participant, despite feeling under the weather after her first Covid jab, got out there and walked a distance of 3,290 metres. Hats off to a great competitor - Louise Wall; who has, in her 15 weekend challenges, covered a total distance of just over 72 kilometres. In the club competition this week Burnden (BURNR) finished in 9th place, just ahead of teams HOR and WESTH – which I hoped would be Horwich and Westhoughton, but turned out to be Horley Harriers (from Surrey) and Westbury Harriers (Bristol).


Friday 19th February 2021

One PB this week and two runners making their first appearance, which takes the number of Burnden members that have participated in this 30 minute challenge to 37.

Ed Ashton and Aidy Ashburn both posted good debut distances, running 6,900 and 6,344 metres respectively. Well done guys. Our new Personal Best this week was set by Jen Forkin (4,506 metres) who, in her first run since the end of October, managed to increase her best distance by a small matter of just over half a kilometre! Jen is one of our new Run Leaders and is definitely leading by example. Leading the men home was Andy Dunleavy who finished 2nd in his age category and covered a total of 7,110 metres. Also finished runner-up in his category was Paul Christie with his effort of 6,500 metres. Chris Worthington (6,485) ran for the second time in 2021, and opening up his 2021 account Colm O’Brien covered 5,360 metres. For the men that just leaves Tony Wall, who has ran every weekend since Burnden joined this competition (22 weeks ago) and this week logged 6,310 metres. It was a close run affair for the ladies with Louise Wall (4,670) just pipping Nia Bell (4,643) to record the furthest distance. Louise Righini (4,560) and Cheryl Dunleavy (3,820) along with Jen made up the compliment of 5 Burnden ladies who recorded a total distance of just under 22.2 Kilometres. The 7 Burnden men reversed last week’s ladies win by covering a total of just over 45 Kilometres. In a similar vein to last week Burnden again slipped one to finish 11th in the team competition.

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