Burnden Race Reports
Friday 5th February 2021
We had 3 Burnden runners make their debut last weekend and we also passed a mega milestone as well (more of that later). For the ladies Sarah Watton made her first appearance and not only covered a distance of 6,770 metres but was also the 1st in her category of senior women. Just 230 metres to the 7 kilometre flag, Sarah! Also competing for the ladies were Nia Bell (4,940 – just 32 metres short of a PB), Cheryl Dunleavy (4,640 – just 81 metres short of a PB) and Louise Wall who, although injured, managed to walk 3,260 metres. So come on; if Louise can participate whilst injured, then what is your excuse for not competing? Our other 2 debutants were our new men’s captain Marcus Chester (7,317 metres and 3rd in his M45 category) and Paul Duke who ran 4,667 metres. I’m going to stick my neck out a bit here and predict that Paul will run considerably further than this sometime in the near future! Paul Christie finished in 2nd place in his M65 class with his effort of 6,610 metres. Running every weekend in January both Tony Wall (6,400 – 3rd place) and Andy Dunleavy (5,960) competed in the M60 category. Our other male runners were Chris Worthington (6,435) and Gareth Doherty (4,747) who both participated for the first time in 2021. Earlier on I mentioned a mega milestone that Burnden passed at the weekend and it is now time to elucidate. During last weekend we managed to pass the one thousand kilometre milestone (or should that be kilometrestone?) which means, as I’m sure that you have worked out, that since we started to participate, in the second weekend of September 2020, we have ran a total of one million metres! What you may not know is that it is also known as a Megametre. Of the 24 teams that competed at the weekend Burnden finished in 9th place.


Thursday 28th January 2020
You would have to have been a complete and total idiot to run last weekend with the conditions underfoot………………………. So just 5 of us reckless, I mean fearless, Burnden runners battled with the snow/slush/ice/hail. Cheryl Dunleavy managed to keep her run of 2021 going but only managed to complete 2,070 metres in, what looks like on her shared Garmin details, a split road/off-road effort with quite a bit of walking. Quite sensible in the circumstance. All of our runner distances were a little down on their average except for Trevor Eagle. Trevor managed to cover 4,317 metres, which is only a couple of hundred metres short of a new PB. I shall have to check if he was wearing snow chains or something on his running shoes. Paul Christie ran 6.13 kilometres in his 30 minutes, well down on last week, but still managed to finish 2nd in his M65 category. The biggest shock came in the M60’s when, for the first time since 11th October, a Burnden runner didn’t come 1st in this category (but as we know all runs must come to an end – so that you can start again on the next run). In fact Tony Wall (6,360) and Andy Dunleavy (5,650) both finished outside the top three places – which goes to show how most of the rest of the country fared better than the north-west with their weather. That’s our excuses anyway and we are sticking to it!! In the club placings there were 21 teams and Burnden didn’t finish in the top half. But we will do better this week; probably.

Friday 22nd January 2021

Three PB’s this week and two category winners means that it was one good weekend for Burnden.

Nia Bell (4,971 metres) in her first virtual run of 2021, bettered her previous best by an impressive 155 metres. That’s the benefit of all that long distance walking, Nia. If you read last week’s report (and why wouldn’t you) then you will know that Louise Righini scored a 10 metre PB increase and I advised that any future increases should be in a similar vein. Taking this well-meaning advice to heart, Louise this week ran 4,760 metres, an increase of 140 metres on the previous week! I shall keep my counsel to myself in future, Louise. Our final PB this week and the winner of our ‘Do as I Say, Not as I Do’ award, went to Paul Christie (yes, me) who somehow managed to beat his previous best distance by 210 metres by covering 6,740 metres in his 30 minutes. Quite how that happened I’m not so sure, but it will definitely not be repeated this week. Andy Dunleavy (7,120) was this week’s 1stplaced runner in the M60 category, which Burnden have now won for 13 consecutive weekends, while Paul Christie picked up his first 1st place of 2021 in the M65 category. Tony Wall (6,550) was 3rd in the M60 group, just 49 metres behind the 2nd place M60 runner. Linda Byrne (5,410) competed for the first time in 2021 while Cheryl Dunleavy (4,150) continues to be the only female Burnden runner to run every weekend this year – no pressure, Cheryl. Of the 19 clubs to field a team this week Burnden finished in 6th place.


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