Burnden Race Reports

Tuesday 17th March 2020


Burnden supplied almost a quarter of the field at this Bolton 5k with 51 members finishing the new runner friendly route in and around Leverhulme park. The race which was the second in this years Central Lancs Grand prix series saw 3 of the men's team finish in the top 17 which included a great tussle between Jonathan Sangster ( 17:58), Paul Duke ( 18:07 2 M40) and Richard Pollitt ( 18:17 3 M40). In the Ladies race Sarah Watton returned to form with a personal best( 20:43) and 4th Lady overall, Gwen Kinloch( 20:55) was not far behind and claimed first F60.

Other results; Lee White ( 18:59), Mark Jackson ( 19:18), Chris Worthington(19:52), Mark Cannon(19:54),Neil Counsell (21:07),Adam Austin(21:24),Andy Duffy(21:28),Marcus Hamer(21:25),Ged Turner( 22:35), Vicki Hamer(22:45),Rachel Prior(22:55),Simon Marland (23:01), Tony Wall (23:00),Paul Drew ( 23:04),Robert Bell(23:17),Gayle Gerrard( 23:21 2nd F45),Lawrence McDonald (23:26),Gareth Lowe (23:44),Andy Warburton (23:43),Richard Blake( 23:52),Gareth Doherty( 24:12), Linda O'Byrne(24:42),Tony Woodiwiss(25:05),Stewart Jones ( 25:22),Elaine Roper (25:43), Mel Walker (25:59 2nd M70+),Nadia Raza(25:57), Clair Marland(26:24),Diane Wylie(26:55),Liz Hopley(28:06),Joanne Darby(28:02),Jackie Cairns(28:03),Alan Worthington (28:12), Amy Pye (30:13),Louise Wall (30:31),Debra Hennessey(30:58),Rita Ledwards(32:22),Cheryl Dunleavy (32:03), Diane Morrison(32:06),Diane Leatherbarrow(32:06),Fiona Ashton (32:06),Sue Blackman (33:34),Susan Wood( 33:32),Tracy Berry(34:20), Trevor Eagle (36:15).


Six Members travelled to Lancaster to take on the Trimpell 20 mile road race usually used for those well into their marathon training, and this year was no different.

Results; Andy Dunleavy (2:39:52 2nd M60), Aidy Ashburn(2:43:31), Emma Walker(3:10:06),Gillian Morris(3:13:21),Jen Forkin(4:20:16) and Shirley Robinson(4:20:17).


Off road adventures this weekend saw Sarah Woodiwiss take on the classic local event The two crosses challenge, which was in its 35th year. The 24mile event starts in Greenmount, taking along many local landmarks such as Entwistle reservoir, Afetside Village, Holcombe Moor and Edgworth saw over 120 starters and Sarah put in a strong performance to finish 58th in just under 7 and a half hours.

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