Burnden Race Reports

Tuesday 14th May 2019


BURNDEN’S Gwen Kinloch won the women’s race at the Blacksticks Blue 10K road race in Preston.
Gwen crossed the line in 43:10, with Liz McLellan second and 1st F45 in 43:52 close behind.
Steve Nolan was 5th in the men's race and 1st V55 in 38:51 and another age category successes went to Mel Walker, 1st V75 in 52:44 and Phil Glassbrook, 1st V70 in 58:09.
Lee White was 10th overall and 2nd V45 in 39:39. Paul Duke’s time of 40:32 in 15th ensured the club had three finishers in the top 20.
Lyndsay Darbyshire was 2nd F50 in 46:41.
Other results:
Gareth Doherty (42:27), Chris Fielding (43:41), David Haire (45:14), Adrian Ashburn (45:22), Tony Wall (45:48), Anne Ferguson (45:50), Steven Bate (47:26), Don Nichol (48:07), Lawrence McDonald (48:36), Colm O’Brien (48:46), Ged Turner (50:08), Vicki Hamer (50:09), Katie Wells (50:12), Jane Forrest (50:45), Paul Christie (50:51), Linda O’Byrne (51:08), Mark Butler (51:43), Andy Warburton (52:07), Nadia Raza (54:14), Emma Walker (56:31), Mark Haslam (56:31), Louise Wall (57:13), Diane Wylie (58:07), Jackie Cairns (58:54), Sarah Woodiwiss (59:13), Gillian Morris (59:57), Jane Compton (59:57), Nia Bell (1:01:00), Debra Hennessey (1:05:09), Jen Forkin (1:12:09), Shirley Robinson (1:12:10), Sue Blackman (1:15:26), Nicola Hardy (1:15:46), Trevor Eagle (1:33:04),

Tim Taylor put in a fantastic performance at the Mallorca 70.3 Ironman finishing in 6hours 33minutes. He completed the 1.9K swim in 35mins, the hilly 90K bike ride in 3hrs 40mins and took 2hrs 3mins for the half marathon to finish off.


Mark Jackson took on the tough trails and hills of Clwyd in North Wales at the Excalibur Marathon and conquered the course in 6:24:18.

Andy Dunleavy was 7th overall and 1st V60 in the North Bolton Runners’ inaugural race the Crofters 10K around Jumbles and Turton. Andy completed the scenic course in 46:04.
Kris Worsley crossed the line in 55:17 ahead of Richard Blake in 59:18 while Cheryl Dunleavy posted 1:11:47.

Paul and Sharon Drew headed off to the coast for the Trinity Hospice 10K in Blackpool. Paul finished in 47:39 and Sharon posted 56:25.

Burnden’s veterans dominated the club’s showing at the Haigh Hall race in Wigan.
The first six finishers were all from the 55-64 age span with Andrew Duffy leading them in, 1st V55 and 25th overall in 28:56.
Two members won their age groups. Gwen Kinloch was 1st L55 in 29:51 and Anne Ferguson was 1st L60 in 31:33.
Andy Staveley was 2nd V55 in 29:04, followed by Andy Dunleavy 2nd V60 in 29:10. Tony Wall was 3rd V60 in 30:13.
Lyndsay Darbyshire was 2nd L50 in 32:07, Shirley Staveley 2nd L55 in 33:42 and Gayle Gerrard 3rd L45 35:04
Gwen, Anne and Lyndsay’s combined placings earned them the ladies team prize.
Other results:
Vicki Hamer (33:57), Andy Warburton (36:46), Mark Haslam (37:22), Louise Wall (38:03), Clair Marland (41:45), Cheryl Dunleavy (45:28), Shirley Robinson (50:14), Jennifer Forkin (50:14), Nicola Hardy (50:59), Trevor Eagle (54:37).

Don Nichol completed the Ian Casey Memorial Cowm 5K in Whitworth in 24:03.