Burnden Race Reports

Tuesday 26th June 2018


BURNDEN came away from the Horwich Jubilee 5-Mile race with a clutch of prizes as a massive turn-out of 57 members took part.
Rob Short was first of the Burnden runners to finish in 30mins 13secs a few seconds ahead of Paul Duke (30:45) and Lee White who was 2nd V45 in 30:52.
The club won three age groups. Steve Nolan was 1st V55 in 31:04, Gwen Kinloch 1st L55 in 34:42 and Anne Ferguson 1st L60 in 39:01 but there were several other notable successes.
Second spot in their respective categories went to Andy Staveley in the V55 race with 32:56, Tony Wall in the V60 group with 36:01, Isaline Pollitt 2nd L50 in 36:07 and Elaine Roper runner-up in the L55 group with 41:35.
Marcus Taylor was 3rd V45 in 32:08, Keith Thomas 3rd V60 in 36:09, Lyndsay Darbyshire 3rd L50 in 36:22 and Phil Glassbrook 3rd V70 in 44:01.
Gwen, Sarah and Isaline’s combined placings earned them the ladies team prize. The aggregate postions of Rob, Paul, Lee and Steve lifted them to third place in the men’s team rankings.
Other results:
Martyn Pollitt (33:55), Gareth Doherty (33:37), Sarah Watton (35:28), Jackie Oakes (36:19), Christophe Menand (36:28), Ged Turner (36:53), Michael Caine (37:04), Mark Butler (37:04), Steven Bate (37:07), Vicki Hamer (37:10), Colm O’Brien (37:14) David Broadhurst (37:14), Mumtaz Patel (37:17), Shirley Staveley (38:24), Tony Woodiwiss (38:40), Stewart Jones (39:18), Adrian Ashburn (39:33), Richard Blake (39:45), Kris Worsley (40:04), Craig Philpot (40:07), Jenna Leeks (40:36), David Morrison (40:39), Andy Warburton (40:42), Lawrence McDonald (41:22), Paul Drew (41:28), Linda O’Byrne (41:31), Gayle Gerrard (41:31), Sheila Christie (42:15), David Aulton (42:16), Nadia Raza (43:38), Mark Davis (43:57), Kerry Stevenson (44:09), Kathryn Page (44:20), Julie Riddle (45:44), Louise Wall (47:05), Sharon Drew (47:21), Susan Wood (48:16), Tracey Lowe (48:28), Jackie Cairns (49:11), Joanne Darby (49:11), Debra Hennessey (50:55), Sandra Caine (51:26), Shirley Robinson (55:41).

Three members tackled the Wilmslow Half Marathon. Marcus Taylor was first to finish in 1:31:07, followed by Liz McLellan in 1:43:01 and David Broadhurst in 1:49:15.

Rob Short completed the North Devon Half Marathon in 29th place in 1:46:47.


Sarah Woodiwiss, Trevor Fishwick and Maria Parkinson tested their endurance at the 50-Mile Pennine Barrier Ultra Marathon in Malham. Awaiting the confirmation of results from the organisers.