Burnden Race Reports

Tuesday 15th May 2018


BURNDEN’S Shay Walker led a massive turn-out of members at the Haigh Hall 4-Mile race.
Shay was 1st V45 and 8th overall in a time of 25mins 5secs, first of a staggering 60 members to complete the CLGP event.
Robert Short was next, 13th overall in 25:45, followed by Paul Duke, 3rd V40 in 26:28.
Paula Pilling was our first female member to finish, crossing the line 1st L40 in 28:50.
There were other age category victories for several members. Andy Staveley was 1st V55 in 28:07, Isaline Pollitt 1st L50 in 30:37 and Anne Ferguson 1st L60 in 32:25.
Other notable age group successes included Ed Ashton who was 2nd V50 with a time of 27:43 Gwen Kinloch 2nd L55 29:45 Tony Wall 2nd V60 30:09.
Martyn Pollitt was 3rd V55 in 28:59, and third places also went to Keith Thomas in the V60group with 30:35 and Kate Ellis 3rd L55 in 32:28.
Paula, Gwen and Sarah’s fantastic times won the ladies team prize.
The combined times of Shay, Rob, Paul and Ed lifted them to fourth in the team standings.
Other results:
Marcus Taylor (27:58), Gareth Doherty (28:19), Mark Jackson (28:44), Pete Hopley (29:36), Andy Duffy (29:49), Sarah Watton (29:53), Christophe Menand (30:40), Simon Marland (31:07), Mike Caine (31:18), Adrian Ashburn (31:40), David Broadhurst (31:52), Steven Bate (32:12), Mark Butler (32:26), Jackie Oakes (33:28), Richard Blake (33:43), Linda O’Byrne (34:18), Carolyn Barker (34:22), Craig Philpot (34:27), Kris Worsley (34:27), Ged Turner (34:50), Andy Warburton (35:07), Emma Walker (35:10), Gayle Gerrard (35:13), David Newman (35:19), Jenna Leeks (35:48), Don Taylor (36:17). David Aulton (36:25), Phil Holden (36:25), Denise Hodgkinson (36:41), Sheila Christie (36:50), Kathryn Page (37:27), Mark Davis (38:30), Julie Riddle (38:52), Nadia Raza (39:32), Karen Taylor (40:02), Fiona Ashton (40:07), Louise Fox (40:13), Louise Wall (40:16), Nia Bell (41:41), Sharon Drew (41:42), Rita Ledwards (42:56), Charlie Darby (43:29), Joanne Darby (43:30), Sue Blackman (44:59), Debra Hennessey (46:36), Bill Kelly (55:06), Gillian McGowan (55:54).

Liz McLellan was 1st F45 at the Mad Hatters 5-Mile Trail Race in Stockport with a time of 36:35.
Andy Staveley followed up his age group win at Haigh Hall by taking victory in the V50 class at the Howgills Trail half marathon in the Yorkshire Dales.
Andy was 11th overall and 9th male finisher in 2:13:35.
Shirley Staveley completed the tough course with nearly 1,000m of climb in 3:11:30.

Four members took on the Wigan Trail 10K with Gayle Gerrard first to finish with a time of 49:50.
Kerry Stevenson was next in 57:42, followed by Tracey Lowe in 57:47 and Bill Kelly in 1:25:52.

Jessica Sammon and Gillian McGowan took part in the Maltby Sprint Triathlon – comprising a 400m pool swim, 24K bike section and 5K run.
Jessica completed the swim in 9:18 and followed up with 57:43 on the bike and 30:23 for the run to post a total time of 1:41:38.
Gillian was out of the pool in 13:14. She completed the bike course in 1:22:08 and followed that up with a 34:20 run for a combined time of 2:13:16.