Burnden Race Reports
Friday 15th January 2020
Just 5 Burnden runners managed a run last weekend, our lowest turnout in the 17 weeks that we have been participating in the 30 minute challenge.
If only the weather would get better/drier/warmer! Tony Wall (6,560 metres) was 1st in the M60’s and took Burnden’s winning streak in this category up to 12 weeks. Andy Dunleavy (5,740) and Trevor Eagle (4,280) were the other 2 Burnden men taking part. Our only PB, our first of 2021, was delivered by Louise Righini who ran 4,620 metres which was an increase of 10 metres over her previous best run three weeks ago. That’s the best way to do it Louise, a small increase week on week is definitely the way to go. Cheryl Dunleavy (3,750) completed the Burnden contingent and even with a low turnout we still managed to finish as 9th team overall.


As expected the conditions underfoot were not great for the British Master's Virtual 10K Challenge and extending the time period for a couple of days didn't really do anyone any great favours. It did however mean that 6 members managed to complete the challenge, although for some of us navigating the icey patches on the roads meant a little bit of walking with arms held out for balance. An out and back along Chorley New Road was Trevor Eagle's (1:21:00) course, while Paul Christie (50:35) chose the A6 for his there and back again outing. Louise Righini (1:09:14) decided against an out and back run and instead opted for a circular route with over 140 metres of elevation (well some people just don't like flattish runs) around the Bradley Fold/Ainsworth area. Meanwhile both of the Dunleavy's went loopy! Cheryl Dunleavy (1:13:30) ran some loops around Leverhulme Park to remind herself just how challenging that particular parkrun is. Also taking in stretches of Long Lane as well, Cheryl’s run managed to climb a total of 83 metres. At the other end of the spectrum with just 2 metres of elevation, Andy Dunleavy’s 25 laps of the Leverhulme track for a time of 39:54 might have seemed more sensible than road running; but 25 times around the track is, I think, just a little too much of a price for keeping off the pavements. The Middlebrook Trail was Gwen Kinloch choice of route for her out and back 10 kilometre distance and a time of 45:20 and second place in the W60 category was her reward at the end of it all. Let us all hope that the next Master’s races that we can take part in are actual, rather than virtual, runs. Well done everyone!

Saturday 15th August 2020


For the first time since the lock-down started in March some Burnden runners were able to compete in a non-virtual race at last weekend’s Lowther Trail Half Marathon. Don’t get me wrong, the virtual races that some of us have been competing in have been good and a welcome distraction in these strange times, but nothing compares to the real thing! Having said that it wasn’t ‘business-as-usual’ at Lowther where, due to the event being chip times, staggered start times were the order of the day. Six runners would line up in front of the castle and be set off together before another six would line up 5 minutes later to receive their starting orders.

Ed Ashton was the fastest Burnden runner over the course, finishing in 66th place overall in a time of 1 hour 57 minutes and 5 seconds. This was a great result for Ed who last year had to retire from the race just before the halfway mark. Next up was the evergreen Keith Thomas who clocked 2:09:30. Behind Keith just 45 seconds separated the next two Burnden finishers with Steven Bate (2:26:31) just pipping Ged Turner (2:27:16). The remaining four Burnden runners were two couples who decided to navigate the challenging, undulating and picturesque course together.

First Shirley and Andy Staveley set out to complete the course where, 12 months previously Andy had such a shattering knee injury that it effectively ended his racing career. Taking their time and relishing the scenery on such a lovely day Shirley (2:50:29) finished ahead of Andy (2:52:02) who bizarrely managed to run on the uphill sections of the course.

Finally, in what will probably be their final race in Burnden colours, David Haire (2:53:06) and Nadia Raza (2:57:39) both enjoyed the scenic Lakeland surroundings of this fantastic Lake District event. I’m sure that everyone at the club wishes them both all the best, even if Nadia’s new job is on the wrong side of the Pennines!

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