Burnden Race Reports

Tuesday 20th February 2018


BURNDEN’S veteran runners scooped both team prizes in the over-50 categories at the final race of the South East Lancs Cross Country series at Astley Park.
Steve Nolan, Andy Staveley and Keith Thomas finished comfortably ahead of the rest. Steve was 2nd V55 in 42:04, with Andy 4th in the same category in 42:39 and Keith Thomas was 3rd V60 in 43:21.
Pete Hopley recorded a time of 45:34 followed by Chris Greenall in 49:14.
Anne Ferguson, Gwen Kinloch and Liz Hopley combined to win the ladies team prize. Anne completed the ladies course in 31:54 to earn 2nd L55 spot, with Gwen 3rd L55 in 32:09 and Liz recording a time of 44:31.
Across the whole series of races, Keith Thomas finished 2nd V60 with his two seconds and a third place keeping him well clear of the third-placed runner.
Anne Ferguson’s consistency earned her 2nd place over the series in the L55 category with three second places giving her 6 points. Gwen Kinloch was 3rd L55 over the four races with 8 points.


Rob Short led home a huge contingent of the club’s runners at the Central Lancs Grand Prix Leverhulme Park 5K.
Rob finished in 18:26, 19th overall as Burnden fielded 69 runners, nearly a quarter of the 309 finishers and the largest representation of any club at the event.
Colin Rigby and Paul Duke were the next members to finish, crossing the line in the same time of 18:45 less than 20 seconds behind Rob but nine places and 11 places adrift of him respectively which shows the high quality of competition among the early finishers.
Marcus Taylor (19:01), Lee White (19:18) and Marcus Chester (19:44) were also inside 20 minutes and made it six Burnden finishers inside the top 50. Marcus Taylor was 38th overall, Lee 45th and Marcus Chester 49th.
Keith Thomas was 2nd M60 in 20:47 with Tony Wall 3rd in the same category with a time of 21:38.
In the women’s race, Sarah Watton finished 9th overall and 2nd female senior in 21:35.
Burnden again dominated the F55 category, Gwen Kinloch winning it in 21:52, with Anne Ferguson 2nd in 23:18 and Kate Ellis 3rd in 23:54.
Other notable age group performances came from Jackie Oakes who was 2nd F45 in 22:38, Shirley Staveley 3rd F50 in 23:19 and Mumtaz Patel 3rd F45 a few seconds behind in 23:21.

Other results:
Mark Jackson (21:01), Mark Butler (21:39), Andy Duffy (21:54), Andy Staveley (21:55), Marcus Hamer (22:08), Ged Turner (22:15), Christophe Menand (22:24), Gareth Doherty (22:33), Simon Marland (22:51), Vicki Hamer (22:51), Chris Greenall (22:48), Michael Caine (23:06), David Broadhurst (23:21), Colm O’Brien (23:52), Paul Drew (24:12), Clare McKenna (24:11), Kris Worsley (24:22), Richard Blake (24:12), Adrian Ashburn (24:23), Gayle Gerrard (24:30), Tony Woodiwiss (24:23), Andy Warburton (24:47), Steven Bate (24:54), David Aulton (24:55), Craig Philpot (25:12), Phil Holden (25:10), Linda O’Byrne (25:19), Kathryn Page (25:49), Elaine Roper (25:52), Sheila Christie (26:01), Jenna Leeks (26:10), Carolyn Barker (26:26), Emma Louise Walker (26:26), Kerry Stevenson (27:29), Howard Sparke (27:40), Sally Cottrill (27:55), Louise Wall (28:01), Tracey Lowe (27:52), Don Taylor (28:00), Julie Riddle (28:23), Sarah Woodiwiss (28:20), Jackie Cairns (28:43), Joanne Darby (28:56), David Morrison (29:07), Diane Morrison (29:39), Debra Hennessey (29:55), Sharon Drew (29:51), Sandra Caine (30:39), Louise Fox (30:39), Sue Blackman (31:30), Louise Bentley (31:44), John Hall (32:21), Lisa Bailey (32:56), Louise Geoghegan (33:03).

Tim Taylor was Burnden’s sole representative at the Great North Western Half Marathon in Blackpool and completed the event in 1:51:11.

Lancaster Valentines 10km

Sunday 11th February 2018

BURNDEN’S Jackie Oakes had a successful trip to Lancaster for the Valentine’s 10K race.
She was 1st F45 and 5th female finisher overall with a personal best time of 45min 15secs. Mumtaz Patel was less than a minute behind, 2nd F45 in 46:11.

Stockport Trail Half Marathon

Katy Thompson was the club’s sole representative at the Stockport Trail Half Marathon and crossed the line in 1:51:05.

Windy Hill Fell Race

Nine miles up and over the hills near Hollingworth Lake in Littleborough was the task facing competitors in the Windy Hill Fell Race which attracted two of our fell fans, Louise Fox and Emma Walker. Louise completed the tough course in 2:05:23, followed by Emma in 2:06:29.

Sunday 4th February 2018

Mickleden Straddle Fell Race

MEN’S captain Marcus Taylor travelled to the Peak District for the Mickleden Straddle fell race and delivered a hugely impressive performance over the challenging terrain.
The 14.3-mile course with 2,431ft of ascent across a difficult moorland course tested runners’ navigational skills as well as their endurance.
Marcus finished in a superb time of 2hrs 15mins 45secs in 57th place overall out of nearly 200 hardy finishers.

Mad Dog 10k Southport

Tony Wall was the first member to complete the Mad Dog 10K at Southport with a time of 44:38.
Mumtaz Patel was next in 45:56, followed by Jackie Oakes in 46:08 to complete a trio of Burnden stars coming in under 50 minutes.
Louise Wall and Jackie Cairns finished closely together, Louise crossing the line in 56:26 and Jackie in 56:47. Sharon Drew was next in 58:40, and Gillian McGowan (1:39:00) alongside Johnny McGowan (1:39:01) completed the club representation.

Abbey Trail Running Festival
The second day of the Bolton Abbey Trail Running Festival saw Lorraine Halwood complete her 38th marathon in 5:13:10.
Kris Worsley and Craig Philpot travelled to Blackburn for the Winter Warmer 10K, with Kris finishing in 52:56 and Craig close behind in 54:07