Burnden Race Reports

Tuesday 18th June 2019


BURNDEN’S Lee White was the first to finish the Freckleton Half Marathon posting a great time of 1:28:10.
In the women’s race, Gwen Kinloch was 6th overall and 1st F55 in 1:34:32 with Anne Ferguson 11th overall and 1st F60 in 1:41:45.
Keith Thomas was 2nd M60 in 1:42:17 and Tony Wall 3rd in the same category with a time of 1:44:58.
Pete Hopley was 3rd M50 in 1:29:07, Jane Forrest 2nd F55 in 1:52:57 and John Edge 3rd M65 in 1:56:37.
Other results:
Gareth Doherty (1:32:48), Richard Pollitt (1:33:03), Marcus Chester (1:34:11), Chris Worthington (1:35:34), Andrew Duffy (1:37:18), Christophe Menand (1:39:43), Sarah Watton (1:43:16), Adrian Ashburn (1:44:56), Marcus Hamer (1:47:20), Ged Turner (1:48:36), Mumtaz Patel (1:49:14), Steven Bate (1:52:12), Linda O’Byrne (1:53:08), Colm O’Brien (1:55:38), Andy Warburton (2:00:40), Lawrence McDonald (2:00:55), Vicki Hamer (2:02:07), Emma Walker (2:05:11), Mark Butler (2:09:15), Jackie Cairns (2:09:35), Louise Wall (2:10:41), Nadia Raza (2:12:11), Diane Wylie (2:17:44), Sarah Woodiwiss (2:17:44), Jane Compton (2:20:31), Debra Hennessey (2:22:35), Nia Bell (2:22:57), Diane Leatherbarrow (2:27:29), Cheryl Dunleavy (2:39:01).

Anne Ferguson was 1st F60 and 9th overall in the Two Lads Fell Race with a time of 45:36, with Lyndsay Darbyshire 2nd F50 in 51:56.
Mark Jackson was the fastest Burnden runner on the night, crossing the line in 44:55 and David Morrison completed the course in 56:40.

Steve Nolan was third in the Horwich Festival Trail Race and 1st M55 in 17:16 and third in the fell race – and 1st M55 again – in 37:23 to finish second in the joint rankings.

Andy Dunleavy led the Burnden contingent home in the Ice Cream 10K, 1st V60 in 49:56.
Mark Jackson was 2nd V35 in 50:59 and Phil Glassbrook 1st V70 in 1:11:29.
Mumtaz Patel (56:33), Cheryl Dunleavy (1:31:43) and Nicola Hardy (1:31:43) completed the Burnden turn-out.

Tuesday 11th June 2019


BURNDEN scored triple success at the Mast 10K race up to Winter Hill.
Mark Jackson was 1st M35 and 7th overall in 46:31 covering the tough 5K to the mast from Smithills School in 27:59 and coming back down in 18:34.
Andy Dunleavy was close behind, 1st M60 and 8th overall in 46:37 with Phil Glassbrook 1st M70 in 63:31.
Robert Bell covered the course in 56:13 followed by Cheryl Dunleavy in 1:18:36, Bill Kelly in 1:37:04, Jennifer Forkin in 1:40:05 and Emma Sleith in 1:40:12.

Gwen Kinloch was 1st F50 and fifth overall in the women’s race at the second of the four-race Astley Park Trail series in a time of 25:54.
Lyndsay Darbyshire made it a 1,2 in the F50 category covering the 7K course round Astley Hall in Chorley in 27:13.
Anne Ferguson was 1st F60 in 27:22.
Steven Bate (27:50) and Andy Warburton (30:29) completed the Burnden interest.

Sarah Watton was 3rd in Edgworth 10K women’s race with her time of 47:47, ahead of Kris Worsley in 59:32 and Craig Philpot in 61:07.

Ed Ashton was the first Burnden runner to complete the iconic Man V Horse race in Llanwrtyd Wells in North Wales, covering the tough 22.5-mile trail course in 3:26:05, coming 4th in the V50 age group.
Andy Staveley was next in 3:45:02. Keith Thomas crossed the line 4th V60 in 3:47:22 ahead of Susan Wood in 5:58:43. Diane Morrison, Fiona Ashton, Liz Hopley and Pete Hopley competed in the relay event combining for a time of 5:58:45.

Five members took part in the Leo Pollard Memorial race (formerly Henderson’s End) with Mark Jackson first to finish in 1:06:26.
Anne Ferguson was next in 1:06:51, followed by Tim Taylor in 1:11:07, Steven Bate in 1:27:58 and Philip Glassbrook in 1:31:03.

Paul and Sharon Drew travelled to Preston for the Catforth 10K.

3rd June 2019


BURNDEN’S Gwen Kinloch won the British 10-Mile national title in her age group after a terrific performance in the national championships at the weekend.
Gwen won the W55 category with a time of 1hr 11mins 24secs at the British 10-Mile Masters in Dorking, Surrey, to be confirmed as champion.
Andy Warburton was also representing Burnden, crossing the line in 1:30:49.

The victory followed more age group success for Gwen in midweek in the fifth race in the Hollingworth Lake 5K series where she was 5th overall in the women’s race and 1st F55 in 20:55.
Hers was one of seven age group wins for the club at Hollingworth.
Steve Nolan was the fastest Burnden member, finishing 11th overall and 1st M55 in 18:29.
Lee White was 1st M45 in 19:01, Pete Hopley 1st M50 in 19:18, Andy Dunleavy 1st M60 in 20:17 and Paul Christie 1st M65 in 23:03.
In the women’s race, Liz McLellan was 4th overall and 1st F45 in 20:44 with Anne Ferguson 1st F60 in 22:49. Linda O’Byrne (24:01) and Gayle Gerrard (24:08) made it a 1,2,3 clean sweep in the F45 category.
Martyn Pollitt crossed the line in 20:14 to earn 2nd place in the M55 race, with Tony Wall 2nd M60 in 20:48 and Lyndsay Darbyshire 2nd F50 in 21:59.
Sarah Watton was 6th overall in 20:58 and she and Vicki Hamer (22:25) were 2nd and third in the FS category.
Richard Pollitt was 3rd M40 in 19:19, Christophe Menand 3rd M50 in 20:39 and Nadia Raza was 3rd F40 in 25:12.
Jonathan Sangster (19:13), Gareth Doherty (19:29) and Marcus Chester (19:44) all came in under 20 minutes.
Other results:
Chris Worthington (20:29), Adrian Ashburn (21:10), Chris Fielding (21:20), Mike Caine (22:20), Steven Bate (22:28), Tim Taylor (22:34), Mark Butler (22:43), Lawrence McDonald (22:56), Chris Greenall (23:24), Andy Warburton (24:22), Mark Davis (26:41), Louise Wall (27:02), Diane Wylie (27:06), Jane Compton (28:40), Jackie Cairns (29:00), Nia Bell (29:11), Joanne Darby (29:28), Debra Hennessey (29:58), Sandra Caine (30:23), Cheryl Dunleavy (31:16), Jennifer Forkin (33:09), Shirley Robinson (33:21), Nicola Hardy (33:57), Trevor Eagle (38:03), Gillian McGowan (44:46).
Anne Ferguson also scored an age category win at the Edenfield Fell Race winning the F60 section in 62:23.
Mark Jackson finished in 64:31 with Tim Taylor 66:54, David Morrison 1:44:50 and Julie Morrison 1:44:51.

Liz McLellan won the Cutacre 5K women’s race in 21:36 with Chris Worthington seventh overall in 21:27.

Don Nichol and Paul Sedgwick travelled to the Lake District with Don completing the Coniston Half Marathon in 2:22:29 and Paul finishing the Coniston Challenge half marathon in 3:20:57.


Nadia Raza scored a PB at Morecambe 10K with a time of 52:23.