Burnden Race Reports


17th October 2017


THE fourth race in the Barrow Bridge 5K Series saw members claim a number of successes.
Paula Pilling led the way again, 6th overall, first lady and 1st F40 in 21:07.
Indeed, Burnden had five members in the first seven female finishers. Isaline Pollitt was 2nd female finisher, 1st F50 in 21:46, with Jackie Oakes fifth fastest female and 1st F45 in 22:45, followed by Lucille Corrigan 2nd F45 in 23:38 and Gayle Gerrard 3rd F40 in 24:42. 
Tony Wall was the first male Burnden member to finish, 2nd M60 in 21:58.
There were also age group wins for Mel Walker who was 1st M70 in 25:43 and Neil Critchley 1st M50 in 28:07.
Elaine Roper was 2nd F55 in 26:06, Jeff Pendlebury 2nd M55 in 26:24, Phil Glassbrook 2nd M70 in 26:53, Louise Wall 2nd F50 in 28:30 and Karen Ratcliffe was 2nd Senior Women in 32:09.
Denise Hodgkinson claimed 3rd F45 in 26:59 and there were third places for Howard Sparke in V45 with 27:16, Debra Hennessey in F50 in 29:46, Anthony Foster in M70 with 32:17 and Jessica Sammon in the Senior Women category with 37:16.
Other results:
Kerry Stevenson (27:56), Louise Fox (28:04), Vanessa Knowles (28:52), Tracey Lowe (29:48), Rita Ledwards (30:21), Linda Haines (30:31),), Pauline Shepherd (33:55), Simon Darby (34:22), Joanne Darby (34:23), Christine Pendlebury (36:56), Ann Hardman (37:54), Tracy Cameron (48:02).

Mark Jackson, Lorraine Halwood and Jackie Oakes traveled to Huddersfield for the King of the Hill Marathon. Mark finished the tough course in 4:41:56, with Jackie and Lorraine crossing the finish line together in 4:58:03 - joint second female finishers.

Five members took on the Manchester Half Marathon with Denise Hodgkinson first home in 2:12:20, followed by Joanne Darby and Jackie Cairns who crossed together in 2:31:58.
Karen Ratcliffe finished in 2:45:22, with Gillian McGowan recording a time of 2:48:47 and Ann Hardman getting inside three hours with 2:59:35.

Further afield, the Mallorca Marathon festival attracted the attention of six members who traveled to Majorca for either the half marathon or 10K.
Keith Thomas was first to finish the half in high temperatures, in 1:35:30, followed by Don Nichol in 1:51:25 and Julie Riddle in 2:11:15.
Stewart Jones was first to complete the 10K with a time of 47:46. Steve Riddle crossed the line in 55:53 and Dave Beevers completed the club representation with a time of 1:41:00.

THE opening fixture in the Red Rose Cross Country League at Leigh Sports Village saw Steve Nolan take the V55 category in the senior men’s event in 41:55.
Marcus Taylor was the next member to finish, in 45:41, followed by Martyn Pollitt in 46:11.
Other results:
Rob Short (46:25), Pete Hopley (47:20), Marcus Chester (47:24), Gareth Doherty (47:29), Andrew Duffy (48:04), Tony Wall (50:24).
In the senior women’s race, Paula Pilling was first home, 19th overall with a time of 23:34.
Isaline Pollitt was 2nd L50 on 24:31 and Anne Ferguson was 3rd L55 in 25:25.
Paula, Isaline and Anne’s positions combined to earn them third place in the team standings.
Other results:
Shirley Staveley (25:54), Mumtaz Patel (26:05), Linda O’Byrne (27:32), Kath Page (29:00), Sheila Christie (29:02), Louise Wall (32:14), Liz Hopley (36:26).



10th October 2017


BURNDEN secured two age group victories at the Rivington Half Marathon.
Martyn Pollitt led home 19 members in tough, muddy conditions, finishing 16th overall and 1st M55 in 1hr 40mins 29secs.
Lyndsay Darbyshire was 1st F50 and 7th overall female finisher in 1:52:52. Burnden took second place in the same age group with Isaline Pollitt crossing in 1:58:41.
Anne Ferguson was 2nd F55 with a time of 1:58:52.
Other results:
Nick Taylor (1:48:07), Vicki Hamer (2:02:29), Kris Worsley (2:16:38), Craig Philpot (2:25:46), Philip Glassbrook (2:27:44), Julie Riddle (2:28:59), Karen Taylor (2:42:08), Vanessa Knowles (2:42:24), Anthony Foster (2:44:35), Nadia Raza (3:01:10), Emma Walker (3:06:37), Louise Fox (3:06:36), Gillian McGowan (3:29:00), Diane Smith (3:29:01), Bill Kelly (3:49:31).

The Chester Marathon attracted three members. Liz McLellan chose the race for her debut marathon and was first of the trio to finish in 3:25:09.
Marcus Chester was close behind, crossing the line in 3:28:10. Sarah Woodiwiss completed the course in 4:55:30.

Gayle Gerrard, Debra Hennessey and Dawn Evans took part in the Chester Metric Marathon over a 26.2K course.
Gayle came home in 2:22:26, followed by Debra in 2:57:44 and Dawn in 3:12:31.

Lucille Corrigan preferred to cross the Pennines for the Yorkshire Marathon in York and smashed her PB with a time of 4:06:00.

Paul Duke took on the Rochdale Half Marathon closer to home and was 2nd M40 in 1:27:29.


3rd October 2017


BURNDEN’S Mark Swannell again led home the club’s runners at the Gin Pit 5-Mile race in Tyldesley.
A massive contingent of 66 members took with Mark 10th overall and 3rd M40 in a time of 30:33.
Steve Nolan was next in 13th place overall and 1st M55 with 30:42, and Rob Short in 17th place (31:28) 
Lee White 2nd M45 in 22nd place (31:58) and Paul Duke (32:03) ensured the club had five runners in the first 25.
There were several age category victories. Keith Thomas was 1st M60 with a time of 33:49 and Gwen Kinloch was 1st F55 and 8th female finisher in 36:12.
Lyndsay Darbyshire was two places behind her, 10th overall and 1st F50 in 36:49 with Mel Walker 1st M70 in 42:17.
Paula Pilling was the first female member to finish, 7th overall and 2nd F40 in 35:49. Sarah Watton was 3rd FS in 37:58.
Again, Burnden dominated the F50 placings with Isaline Pollitt 2nd in 39:29 and Sheila Christie 3rd in 45:15. Anne Ferguson was 2nd F55 in 38:25 and Lucille Corrigan 3rd F45 in 39:15.
Martyn Pollitt was 3rd M55, crossing the line in 33:14, and Tony Wall and Don Nichol had success in the M60 age group – Tony 2nd in 38:00, just ahead of Don in 3rd with his 38:08.
Paula, Gwen and Lyndsay earned Burnden the ladies’ team prize with Mark, Steve and Rob combining to finish 3rd in the men’s standings.
Other results:
Mark Jackson (33:07), Ed Ashton (34:35), Gareth Doherty (35:13), Andrew Duffy (35:46), Adrian Ashburn (36:54), Ged Turner (37:02), Stewart Jones (37:37), Vicki Hamer (39:00), Mike Caine (39:23), Steven Bate (39:28), Colm O’Brien (39:37), Richard Blake (39:41), Ben Callaghan (39:50), Jackie Oakes (40:01), Katy Thompson (40:08), Andy Warburton (40:15), Mumtaz Patel (40:31), Gayle Gerrard (41:10), Jim Taylor (41:20), Linda O’Byrne (41:22), David Broadhurst (41:36), Marcus Taylor (41:49), Phil Holden (42:13), David Aulton (42:54), Elaine Roper (43:22), Jeff Pendlebury (43:37), Emma Walker (44:52), Nadia Raza (44:54), Jenna Leeks (45:07), Julie Newton (45:33), Denise Hodgkinson (46:22), Sarah Woodiwiss (46:42), Louise Fox (46:45), Mark Kenny (48:07), Sally Cottrill (48:11), Louise Wall (49:23), Nia Bell (50:13), Jackie Cairns (50:26), Joanne Darby (50:27), Fiona Ashton (50:41), Dawn Evans (54:13), Julie Morrison (55:51), David Morrison (55:52), Tracy Hindley (1:02:48), Johnny McGowan (1:04:50), Ann Hardman (1:04:54), Gillian McGowan (1:6:17), Christine Pendlebury (1:06:17).

Trevor Fishwick and Maria Parkinson travelled to St Helier in the Channel Islands for the Jersey Marathon.
Trevor completed the picturesque course in 5:21:42 with Maria posting a time of 5:21:56.