PARKRUN EVENT #326 15/07/2017

With 6 runners, including the 1st man and 1st lady, in the first 24 finishers it was a good morning at the Leverhulme parkrun for Burnden. But as usual let’s look at our PB runners first. Adrian Ashburn bagged a 3rd successive PB with a time of 22 minutes and 33 seconds, taking 10 seconds of his last attempt in June. Adrian has now taken more than one and a half minutes off his New Year’s Day parkrun time, which was also a PB (One of his 11 PB’s at this parkrun venue). Our other PB runner was Jackie Cairns, whose time of 29:39 bettered, by 15 seconds, her previous best time which was set way back in October 2015. I’m betting that there is another couple of PB’s for Jackie in the rest of 2017. You need to go back to parkrun #210 in March 2015 to find when Burnden last produced the winner of both the men’s and ladies race (similar times as well). This time it was Robert Short and Sarah Watton who came first in their respective genders. This was Rob’s sixth 1st place parkrun and Sarah has come 1st on three occasions. Other category winners, apart from Rob and Sarah, were Phil Glassbrook (VM70-74), Linda O’Byrne (VW40-44), Emma Walker (VW45-49) and Kate Ellis (VW55-59).

Let’s kick off this week’s tourist report over at Heaton Park where Steven Bate recorded his fastest ever parkrun/5K time of 21:17. You just need to repeat that at Leverhulme now, Steve. Meanwhile down in lovely Somerset, father and son combo Mark and George Butler became the first Burnden runners to compete in the Yeovil Montacute parkrun. Almost 500 miles (by road) further north Sue Blackman made her debut at the Dundee Camperdown event – her 35th different parkrun venue – and was, of course, the first Burnden runner to participate at this race. Two other runners making their debuts at parkrun events this weekend were Tracy Hindley, at Worsley Woods, and Mark Jackson at Stretford. In fact Mark got a surprise at the Stretford run when he registered a great time of 19:10 but only just managed a top 20 finishing place. Finally up at the Fell Foot parkrun, after 4 successive PB’s Michael Caine decided that domestic bliss was the most important thing, therefore pace making duties were the order of the day. So 31 minutes and 30 seconds later there was a new personal best for Sandra Caine. Let’s hope that put a smile on both of your faces, Michael!