Fell Races


This years fell championship consists of 7 races, you need to compete in 4 to qualify ( a further two races are yet to be confirmed)

Date Location Race Distance Category Results
Saturday 12th January Dalton Ashurst Beacon 9.5km BS ⇒  
Tuesday 2nd April  Rawtenstall  Liver Hill 7km BS ⇒ 
 Saturday 20th April Rivington  Rivington Pike 5.2km BS  ⇒
 Monday 6th May Brinscall  Joe's Cup Hill Race 9.5km BS  ⇒
Sunday 11th August Lowther Lowther Trail 13m CL ⇒ 
Saturday 17th August  Darwen  Darwen Gala  7.5km BS  ⇒
Saturday 14th September Hodder Valley Hodder Valley Show 10km BM  

Archived Fell Championship Results 2017 2018

For further details, have a look at the FRA handbook or website www.fellrunner.org.uk

** Please note that new kit requirements will be strictly enforced from 2014 - see below. 

** Please read this FRA Runner Alert from Mon 17th Feb 2014.

1. WATERPROOF whole body cover (i.e. covering the torso from head to ankles) 
2. Other body cover appropriate for the weather conditions including, as a minimum, hat and gloves but also e.g. a fleece 
3. Map, preferably waterproof, of the race route and surrounding area 
4. Compass suitable for navigating the course (GPS type equipment is not acceptable) 
5. Whistle 
6. Emergency food (long races) 

Must accept the FRA recognition of "waterproof" to mean a garment marketed as "waterproof" (i.e. not just "windproof") with taped seams. Such garments require maintaining (i.e. cleaning and reproofing) to maintain their waterproof quality. 

Should recognise that these requirements constitute "best practice" for all races but are mandatory at all Category Long A (AL), Medium A (AM) and Long B (BL) races as defined by FRA.