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The first Red Rose Cross Country fixture was held at Chesham fields in Bury on Saturday 31st October 1970, with 4 clubs competing, Bury, Bolton, Rochdale and Rossendale.

These four clubs were the founder members of the league.

So move on 50 years and we were hoping for another competitive season, with member clubs now up to 25.

However this is highly unlikely to happen due, to the Covid 19 pandemic. 

The guidelines from England Athletics have been confirmed. Steve, Jean, and myself believe that we cannot in all honesty comply with these Covid 19 cross country regulations this 2020 season.

The final edition of the guidelines, puts the onus for hosting an event clearly on the organising club, with additional requirements for marshals and club officials. Each club will also have to decide on the maximum number of athletes that their course allows.

Also with the government tightening the regulation to counteract the outbreak, local councils would have to be consulted for use of their parks.

Areas with high rate of the virus, and the North West is one such area, will find the local authority will not issue a licence for the use of their Parks 

Thus we are very reluctantly recommending that the Red Rose Cross Country League is cancelled in 2020.

These E A guidelines have also moved the awarding of the cross country permit from Northern Athletics to England   Athletics. 

Each club will now need to obtain their own permit ,through a prolonged process. 

Ken Smith 01/10/2020


There was some drama in this the third week of our involvement of the England Athletics Weekly 30 Challenge.

When I first checked the latest results on the Sunday afternoon sitting there at the top of the table was our own Andy Warburton. Andy had, apparently, ran a total of 57097 metres in his allotted 30 minutes! As I’m sure you all know that equates to just under 35 and a half miles! A new world record by quite some distance. It was obviously an error and was later (much later) corrected to 5,709 metres, but just for a time there we were flying high at the top of the teams’ scores. Don’t worry though I did take a screenshot to prove we were at the top, if only for a little while.

We turned out 12 runners at the weekend, with a 7/5 split in the men’s favour. The men totalled 45.95 kilometres while the ladies ran a total of 28.04 kilometres. A shout out this week for Anne Ferguson who won her W60 category and also for Andy Dunleavy and Mark Cannon who were both runners-up in their respective age categories.

We need more ladies out this coming weekend to draw back some of the lead the men are making in the overall distance covered. We again moved up one place from last week in the teams table, finishing in 5th place.

In this, the second week of Burnden participation in the England Athletics Weekly 30 Challenge, last week’s results were reversed. This week 8 men took part, compared to 6 Burnden ladies, and they managed a total of 50,560 metres (31.4 miles). This easily beat the ladies total of 32,892.5 metres (20.4 miles), although the ladies still lead over the two weeks by over 4,500 metres. The website again had some difficulties this week with positioning of runners, as they kept on showing the person who had run the least distance in the number one position! However, they finally got that sorted out to show that Gwen Kinloch and Andy Dunleavy had won their respective vet 60 categories. Mark Cannon, Paul Christie and Francis Mackin all ended runners-up in their categories. The average distance of our first 12 runners was up on last week’s total and this week stood at just over 5960 metres. This put Burnden in 6th position in the overall team placings, one place up from last week.
We now have 25 members registered so let’s see if we can get both the men and the ladies participants into double figures for this weekend’s event.

Steveos don't be an Ostrich get a CHECK.

Steve Ellis ( husband of Burnden member Kate Ellis) is taking part in the Prostate Cancer UK 50 mile Challenge for the month of October and is looking for Burnden members to take part.

Run the Month is a virtual challenge for runners everywhere. Throughout October, run 50 miles your way, whether its a mile at a time or two marathons in the month.

Steve is currently receiving radiotherapy for prostate cancer himself and is inviting everyone to join 'Steveos Allstars' so other runners can complete the challenge raise cash and donate to this worthy cause.

As you may be aware prostate cancer affects 1:8 men and kills on average 30 men per day. 

To find out more and join Steveos Allstars follow the links below

We wish all Steve all the best with his treatment and good luck to anyone who takes part in the challenge.




October 10th is World Mental Health Day and even though we cannot hold a group event like last year, the Mental Health Champions are asking Burnden Roadrunners to do just one thing: go for a run with a difference! Leave your watch at home, forget about pace, time, distance or PB’s and simply go for a run! While you are out running you could do one or all of the following:

  • Wear something green to represent mental health awareness.
  • Take a photo of something unusual, attractive, or inspiring that you see on your run.
  • Take a photo of your favourite thing on your favourite route – a tree, building, view, bridge etc.
  • Make a short video of you running in your favourite area.
  • Make a short video and tell us why you love running and what running means to your mental health.
  • Walk or run your favourite route with a member of your household and show them the places you go when you run. Take a photo together on the route.
  • Write a few lines explaining the reasons why you love running.
  • Do anything else that inspires you!

When you have completed your run, please post the pictures and videos on the Burnden Members Facebook page, or email them to Burnden Roadrunners (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Lawrence will collate them and create a montage of Burnden Roadrunners celebrating World Mental Health Day 2020, which will be posted on our website and on Facebook on the 10th October. 

Please remember to observe the local rules for Bolton and run on your own or with members of your household or bubble group only. Take off your watch, put on your shoes and get running! 


Mental Health Champions

Come and join us, everyone welcome, 
find us on facebook or
contacts usThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to find out more.


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