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The March Hare Hill Return

March 2021 - BRR Virtual Championship

The March Hare - Hill Return (2.68km, 78m elevation gain)



This month the Virtual Championship will be a short but energetic hill return. This is a familiar and challenging route that BRR Members know well.
The route starts near the Deene Rd car park (at the Smithills Farm signpost) then turning right up Smithills Dean Rd.


Your starting line is the lamppost pictured below.

At the top of Smithills Dean Rd (road sign) we turn back and return via the same route. 

This month members will only need to submit their finish times. Distance and elevation will be presets.

A strava map can be found here

A live web link to the provisional results will be updated daily. Don’t forget you can submit as many runs as you please...this way you could check your Championship points and know when to hit the accelerator near the closing date.

Good luck and have fun Closing date: 30/03/21

Risk Assessment:
• Caution when turning sharp right 100m from the Deene Rd start point up Smithills Rd, lookout for pedestrians and cars sharing the entrance and exit of Deene Rd.
• Heading up and down Smithills Deane Rd, pavements can be busy, be prepared to adjust your speed/pace accordingly.
• There are 2 traffic calming points on Smithills Dean Rd where the road narrows significantly. Negotiate these points carefully.
• Weather and visibility may cause unforeseen hazard - check the route carefully before running.

• Follow all Government guidelines and advice - stay safe.

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Come and join us, everyone welcome, 
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