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Andy Staveley - Honorary Lifetime Membership

No award should be announced like this, especially one honouring achievements over so many years, but we are living through extraordinary times therefore it needs to be awarded this way.
In bestowing this Honorary Lifetime Membership award I would like to tell you something about the recipient. Andy joined Burnden in the early 1990’s. The earliest results that I can find Andy in is the Haigh Hall 5 mile race on Wednesday 18th May 1994, although I am sure that he was running for us before then. Andy has represented the club on the road, trails, cross-country, track, and fells both in this country and abroad. He has run in competitions up the sides of mountains in the Swiss and French Alps, ran in the two-day Karrimor International Mountain Marathon and taken part in relays and Master’s races the length and breadth of the country. Wearing the club vest, where conditions allowed, Andy has proudly paraded our colours wherever he has competed.
When Andy took over the chairmanship of Burnden in the early years of the millennium (OK I admit I don’t know the exact date) membership of the club was at a very low ebb. However over the next few years our membership gradually increased and we turned up at races with more runners and began to start winning team prizes at these events. This, in turn, brought the club to more runner’s awareness and our ranks continued to swell.
No-one has done more to democratise Burnden than Andy. One of Andy’s first acts as chairman was to suggest that we get rid of the committee system of club management and introduce a monthly meeting format were members could directly influence the way the club is run. This has proved to be a popular way to run the club (and not just because of the pasties involved) and although we still have club officials, elected annually, the way that the club moves forwards is decided at these monthly meetings with input from any member present.
Andy has won the Men’s Club Championship on three occasions, 2007, 2009 and 2016. In 2016 he became, at the age of 55, the oldest winner of the Club Championship (although that record has now been surpassed in both genders – but then, records are there to be broken).
There is no way to really do justice to someone’s 30+ year’s commitment to the advancement and growth of our running club. But this award can show how much the club can appreciate and reward what they has done.
Always willing to pass on his experience to anyone asking his advice, Andy is a model member of our running club and truly deserves this award. May he continue to represent the club for many years to come.


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