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Ladies Win for Anne Ferguson and more PB's

We had 15 Burnden runners out this week equalling our highest turnout, which was on the first week that we took part.
Carolyn Barker, Nia Bell, Don Taylor and Ged Turner all made their debut runs at the weekend, taking the total number of Burnden participants in the EA Weekly 30 Challenge to 30. We also had a bumper PB week with 5 runners registering new personal best efforts. Rachel Prior (6,027 metres) and Andy Warburton (6035) both broke through the 6K barrier for the first time as did Trevor Eagle (4,150.3) in passing the 4K mark. Paul Christie (6,400) improved his distance run in the 30 minutes by 40 metres and Colm O’Brien (6,200) also increased his distance by 40 metres, scored a PB for the second consecutive week as well. I should really give a shout out here for Tony Wall who as well as winning his M60 category (for the 3rdweek running – I couldn’t resist saying it) has also ran on all eleven weekends that we have been taking part in this competition. That has probably put an end to Tony’s record! Anne Ferguson won her W60 category, although at the time of writing this another lady is claiming to have run 10,000 metres in her 30 minutes (I think not), and we also take a one-two in this category as Gwen Kinloch finished just 4 metres short of Anne’s total distance. Rachel Prior was 2nd in her senior women category, which was won by Laura Hesketh from Southport Strollers who is, according to the Run Britain rankings, actually a lady vet 35 now. After last week’s callout from me we had 7 ladies take part this week, covering a total of just under 36 kilometres. The men however managed to get out 8 participants and ran almost 48 kilometres. In the team event we came in at 7th place this week.
A gross fact for you here: - In the ‘Total Distance Covered’ standings Tony Wall is currently in 144th place! Again I couldn’t resist.


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