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Debuts, Category wins and PB's in last weekends EA Challenge

10 Burnden runners this week including, 2 debutants, 2 PB’s, 2 second placed category finishers and 1 category winner.

Tony Wall was 1st in his M60 category, Anne Ferguson (W60) and Paul Christie (M65) were 2nd in their categories, Trevor Eagle and Colm O’Brien both achieved PB’s and we welcomed Jenni Partington and Lawrence McDonald to the event as the 25th and 26th Burnden runner to participate in this completion. It was a 4/6 split this week in favour of the men and they went on to cover almost 33.8 kilometres while the ladies managed just under 21.9K. This is the 10th week that we have been competing in this completion and the ladies have ran further than the men on just 2 occasions, so I am calling on the ladies to get out in numbers this weekend!  We achieved a 6th place in the team scores this week, sandwiched between a club from Surrey and a club from Nottinghamshire. You can find out which clubs by following the link below.


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