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Category win for Anne Ferguson in EA weekly challenge

There was some drama in this the third week of our involvement of the England Athletics Weekly 30 Challenge.

When I first checked the latest results on the Sunday afternoon sitting there at the top of the table was our own Andy Warburton. Andy had, apparently, ran a total of 57097 metres in his allotted 30 minutes! As I’m sure you all know that equates to just under 35 and a half miles! A new world record by quite some distance. It was obviously an error and was later (much later) corrected to 5,709 metres, but just for a time there we were flying high at the top of the teams’ scores. Don’t worry though I did take a screenshot to prove we were at the top, if only for a little while.

We turned out 12 runners at the weekend, with a 7/5 split in the men’s favour. The men totalled 45.95 kilometres while the ladies ran a total of 28.04 kilometres. A shout out this week for Anne Ferguson who won her W60 category and also for Andy Dunleavy and Mark Cannon who were both runners-up in their respective age categories.

We need more ladies out this coming weekend to draw back some of the lead the men are making in the overall distance covered. We again moved up one place from last week in the teams table, finishing in 5th place.


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