June 3rd. Coniston Lakeland Trails Half Marathon.

For first time ever I retired from an event, approximately halfway, so missing the beautiful Tarn Hows.

Very warm conditions, possibly still recovering from Mast Race 10k and Terry Nortley Relay on 2 successive days. But got a ride from Coniston Mountain Rescue back to venue under “blues and twos” as they got an emergency call just as they were picking me up. Needless to say, a donation was in order.

June 16th. Tour of Tameside Hero Half Marathon.

3 hrs:14 mins. Conditions good but went off too fast.

July 1st. Southport Half Marathon. (Photo attached)

Hot as ‘ell! 1st. 10 miles in 2 hrs:25 mins. Finished in 3 hrs: 19mins.


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24 Feb 2019
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Lostock 6
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Marathon Training
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